Haute Couture – The Mind Vaccine – RVDK Wardrobe 14

Haute Couture – The Mind Vaccine – RVDK Wardrobe 14

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RVDK Ronald van der Kemp 6 July 2021 at 5.30 pm

Handwoven backless metal chain vest, mega bell bottom from upcycled denim leftovers, gold umbrella covered with silk mesh and vintage lace snake detailing long gloves

Same as for wardrobe 12 and 13, we have not purchased any materials this season, and we created 30 couture looks with what was left in our atelier: leftover materials from couture discards, fabric scraps from previous seasons, vintage fabrics, factory waste and other trouvailles.

Deep v bodysuit and pleated palazzo pant, embellished fan and resin and goldleaf earsculpture and cuff


The most potent ethical designer drug for behavioral change

Soutage and rope embroidered sculptural mini dress

Get ready for your next shot.

Altering your mindset.

Changing bad habits.

Duchess glamrock shoulder top with resin and silk organza floral appliques with high collage skirt from various leftovers silk with jaquards tiara with resin

Get ready for responsible hedonism.

Quit fashions more, more, more addiction.

Get ready for abundant couture,

made from whats deemed unusable.

Get ready for diversity to become bio-diversity.

To listen when nature calls.

To let greed turn into empathy.

To listen to the next generation.

Mousseline choker gown

Get ready to dress yourself like

youre going to meet your worst enemy,

your ex and the love of your life.

Hand wrapped bustier, with mini dress with various vintage silk remnants with hand pleated tiered tutu resin and pigment geometric earpiece