Day 2 – Jacque Designs Swimwear. Miami Swim Week

Day 2 – Jacque Designs Swimwear. Miami Swim Week

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Miami Swim Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion Day 2. 

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Jacque Designs Swimwear

Jacque Designs Swimwear welcomed to the runway their line of confidence-boosting, sleek, and size-inclusive swimwear. For the woman with a real figure, and once who likes some retro touches and flourishes, the Jacque Designs Swimwear collection shined. Beautiful colors and comfortable lines were on display from Jacque Designs Swimwear. We think the models had so much fun because of just how comfortable they were in this collection.

Jacque Designs Swimwear Each swimsuit has been designed by myself, Jacque Day. I’m 25 years old and my work is inspired by locations of Northern California, cultures, surreal art, and a variety of landscapes. This collection consists of fashionable items meant for every individual and their differing styles and body shapes. There are many reasons I felt compelled to begin my design career in swimwear; body insecurities and a powerful connection to the ocean being the most prominent two. Shopping for swimsuits as a young girl was a dreaded occasion for myself, and Im sure many others. I want to change that experience for as many women as I can. My hope is that when each Jacque Designs piece is worn, the owner is comfortable, confident and self-assured. I am proud and incredibly grateful to share my creations with you. Designer: Jacque Day

Fashion model April Tobie walks for Jacque Designs Swimwear