Now Offers Crane Warning Lasers Now Offers Crane Warning Lasers
Straits® LED Crane Warning Lasers illuminate a clear warning zone around overhead crane loads and other hazardous areas. This warning zone ensures compliance and protects pedestrians from potential accidents. is well-known in the overhead crane industry for its blue and red LED safety lights. Its store has now added crane warning lasers to its crane safety lighting collection.

Crane warning lasers are an important safety feature for construction sites and industrial facilities. These lasers are designed to alert workers of the presence of an overhead crane and to help ensure that they are aware of their surroundings while working. The laser is positioned in the center of the crane's path and emits a red or green beam, which is visible to workers in the area. The beam is visible over a distance of approximately 300 feet, alerting workers to the presence of the crane and any potential hazards that may exist.

In addition to alerting workers, the crane warning laser can help crane operators better navigate the area. The laser beam can also be used to indicate when a crane is in motion. This allows workers to stay out of the path of the crane and avoid potential hazards. Furthermore, the laser beam can be used to identify objects and obstacles in the area that may be in the way of the crane. This helps ensure that the crane is able to move safely and efficiently throughout the site.

The crane warning laser is an invaluable tool for any construction site. By providing a warning to workers, it helps ensure that everyone is aware of their surroundings and potential hazards. Additionally, it can help crane operators better navigate the area and identify potential obstacles. 

The radiant power of our crane laser lights is 3R (below 5mW), which is safe for human eyes so there is no need to wear glasses.

Product Availability offers a variety of LED crane lights. These lights have the ability to project a highly visible blue or red beam of light to illuminate the hazardous area under the hoist. This beam can be configured as a single line or a box around the danger zone. These new crane laser solutions allow for a red or green laser light to illuminate danger zones.

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