WrkSpot’s SMART Panic Solutions Software is Cutting Edge for End-to-End Hotel Safety

WrkSpot’s SMART Panic Solutions Software is Cutting Edge for End-to-End Hotel Safety
Designed for hotel operations, the program offers emergency messages and instant notifications to enhance hotel safety and security.

WrkSpot, a company specializing in hotel operations, has released comprehensive panic solutions software to enhance hotel safety and security. The program offers emergency messages and instant notifications to help hotel labor management and employees safeguard guests, secure properties, and streamline hotel compliance. The software includes smart property tracking to provide accountability and improve security against safety issues such as theft and human trafficking. 

"Our panic solutions are building blocks in a master safety plan," Anita Kanti, WrkSpot's Head of Employee Experience, said. "The panic features can help mitigate the risk of human trafficking that can occur in hotels." 

According to a Walk Free survey, an estimated 50 million people were victims of human trafficking in 2021. Also defined as modern-day slavery, it involves the recruitment, movement, and exploitation of people, especially women, for sex trafficking, labor trafficking (people forced to work for little to no money in terrible environments), and domestic slavery (where people are abused and forced to work without pay).  

"Our solution helps prepare hotel staff, where one can trigger an alarm via a wearable or using their smartphone, communicate via chat on emergencies, and plan and react to real-time emergencies," Kanti said. "Interactive training will help staff learn the signs should human trafficking happen. Employees in the hospitality arena can also be targeted as victims. All in all, our panic solution supports hotel security, safety, and compliance." 

According to the Department of Homeland Security, traffickers use the privacy and anonymity the hotel industry offers. Staff can look out for some of the signs: malnourished or sleep-deprived individuals; people who dress inappropriately, especially for their age; individuals who request multiple rooms or housekeeping services but deny staff entry into the rooms; people using multiple computers, cell phones, or credit cards; someone who rents rooms less than a full day; or individuals at a table or bar waiting to be picked up.  

Hotel operations technology like WkrSpot's panic solutions built-in security measures can make employees feel more secure and safe while at work and be aware of theft and human trafficking. 

Six Strategies for Better Safety in Hotels 

- Develop and implement "human trafficking" policies with a clear outline of procedures and guidelines for reporting suspected cases. 
- Educate and train staff on how to be aware, prevent, and respond to suspicious activities.  
- Implement a guest education program by deploying room materials, brochures, and information on human trafficking.  
- Establish partnerships with local law enforcement.  
- Implement a monitoring program to identify potential trafficking activities such as unaccompanied minors, individuals not possessing identification, and individuals with visible signs of abuse.  
- Add wearable panic button technology to make employees feel safer at work.  

About WrkSpot   

Founded in 2017, WrkSpot is the developer of a revolutionary software suite for hotel portfolio management that integrates HRIS, operations management, and communication in a single app. By managing and engaging staff, controlling costs, streamlining operations, and improving compliance and safety, WrkSpot optimizes hotel operations.  

To learn more about WrkSpot, please visit https://www.wrkspot.com.   

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