ICYMI: New Support Rolls in for FAA Administrator Nominee Mike Whitaker

ICYMI: New Support Rolls in for FAA Administrator Nominee Mike Whitaker

WASHINGTON, DC – Last week, President Biden nominated Mike Whitaker to be Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Whitaker is experienced in working in government and across the aviation community to get big things done. He is fully committed to aviation safety including protecting pilot training, preserving qualification regulations, and keeping at least two well-trained pilots on the flight deck. The FAA needs a confirmed Administrator – and Mike Whitaker is the right person for the job.  

The aviation community knows how critical it is to confirm Whitaker without delay. That’s why leading voices in the community teamed up to urge Senate leaders to swiftly confirm Mike Whitaker. They wrote: 

“This is a critical and transformative time for the aviation industry.  To keep pace, the FAA needs permanent leadership and clear direction. In terms of leadership, President Biden has nominated Michael Whitaker to be the next FAA Administrator.  We hope consideration of his nomination will be of the utmost priority for the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation and the U.S. Senate.” [Letter, 9/13/2023] 

See below to see what voices in aviation are saying about Whitaker: 

Aerospace Industries Association (AIA): “The Aerospace Industries Association welcomes the nomination of Mike Whitaker to serve as Administrator for the Federal Aviation Administration. AIA believes the FAA and the global aerospace system is best served with established leadership and a Senate-confirmed Administrator is integral to ensuring the FAA’s status as the gold standard for aviation safety. Mr. Whitaker’s previous experience at the FAA on key issues such as air traffic system modernization as well as safety priorities and his extensive background in emerging aviation technologies provides him with an opportunity to quickly address the priorities of the Department of Transportation and the aerospace industry.” [Statement, 9/7/2023] 

Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI): “At this critical moment when our national airspace system is becoming increasingly complex, Mike Whitaker is an exceptionally qualified choice to ensure the U.S. remains the aviation safety gold standard, manage the Agency and its 45,000 employees and enhance U.S. global aviation competitiveness. During his prior service as FAA Deputy Administrator and Chief NextGen officer, Whitaker proved himself a highly capable and productive federal official. We urge the U.S. Senate to begin Whitaker’s confirmation hearing without delay and to move toward a rapid confirmation.” [Statement, 9/7/2023] 

Lisa Ellman, Executive Director of the Commercial Drone Alliance (CDA): “We are grateful to see Mike Whitaker’s nomination sent to the Hill, and we urge his swift confirmation by the Senate. The commercial drone industry can offer many societal benefits, but only if policy keeps up with technology. We are counting on Mike Whitaker’s leadership to spur action on long-awaited regulatory items such as beyond visual line of sight and expanded drone operations, which will ultimately usher in the next era of advanced aviation.” [Statement, 9/13/2023] 

Curt Castagna, President and CEO of National Air Transportation Association (NATA): “NATA is pleased to see the nomination of Mike Whitaker to become the next FAA Administrator at a time when the agency desperately needs calm, level-headed, permanent leadership. Mike’s proven track record in roles as Deputy Administrator and within multiple sectors of the aviation industry make him well suited to lead the agency.” [Statement, 9/7/2023]. 

Read even more support for Whitaker’s nomination here


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