SUNMI Launches Cutting-Edge Hyper Wi-Fi Products, Unlocking Advanced Wi-Fi HaLow Features

SUNMI Launches Cutting-Edge Hyper Wi-Fi Products, Unlocking Advanced Wi-Fi HaLow Features
  • SUNMI introduces the world’s first Wi-Fi HaLow POS solution, V3 MIX and MINI AP
  • SUNMI's Hyper Wi-Fi products derive their cutting-edge capabilities through a strategic partnership with NEWRACOM

The leading business IoT company SUNMI unveiled its innovative "Hyper Wi-Fi" product line, which includes the world's first Wi-Fi HaLow POS system, V3 MIX, and MINI AP (Access Point). These products are designed to enhance connectivity for retail businesses, particularly in challenging environments, such as outdoor spaces, kitchens, and warehouses. SUNMI's strategic partnership with NEWRACOM has powered these cutting-edge Hyper Wi-Fi products.

The SUNMI V3 MIX, a third-generation smart mobile terminal, delivers comprehensive retail functionalities, including mobile ordering, payment, inventory management, and customer relationship management. Leveraging Wi-Fi HaLow features, the V3 MIX boasts extended coverage of up to 1 kilometer, superior wall penetration, reduced roaming times, and enhanced network security, surpassing traditional Wi-Fi and other POS device connectivity methods. With a range that is 10 times greater than conventional Wi-Fi, the V3 MIX slashes roaming times by 90%, virtually eliminating device latency and disconnections to ensure consistent, reliable connectivity.

The SUNMI MINI AP is a compact, plug-and-play Access Point designed to enhance existing network systems with Hyper Wi-Fi capabilities. By plugging the MINI AP into current devices, retailers can benefit from extended coverage, improved penetration, and fast, reliable network connectivity without the need for comprehensive system upgrades or replacements.

SUNMI's CEO, Mr. Lin Jack, proudly announced the launch of the world's first HaLow-enabled POS and MINI AP, created with NEWRACOM. He highlighted the key advantages of the Hyper Wi-Fi line—its range, reliability, and ease-of-use—which benefit retailers and customers alike. Mr. Lin also shared SUNMI's goal to expand the use of Hyper Wi-Fi to millions of devices in different industries, such as wearables, smart manufacturing, and logistics.

SUNMI's collaboration with NEWRACOM, initiated in October 2022, has been dedicated to developing Wi-Fi HaLow-enabled products for the retail industry. The V3 MIX and MINI AP feature the NRC7394 Wi-Fi HaLow chipset from NEWRACOM, which is a highly integrated SoC that includes baseband (MAC & PHY), a Sub 1 GHz radio transceiver, and ADC/DAC within a compact 6mm x 6mm 48-QFN package. In compliance with the IEEE 802.11ah standard, the NRC7394 supports channel bandwidths of 1/2/4MHz. It offers PHY rates from 150 Kbps to 15 Mbps, accommodating a broad spectrum of applications, from low-rate sensors to high-rate surveillance cameras.

NEWRACOM’s CEO, Dr. Sok Kyu Lee, praised the NRC7394 Wi-Fi HaLow chipset for sparking IoT innovation. He commended SUNMI's market leadership and their pursuit of new business ventures, noting HaLow's advantages over other technologies.

SUNMI and NEWRACOM are set to showcase their jointly developed products at EuroCIS - The Leading Trade Fair for Retail Technology, marking the global market debut of the HaLow-enabled V3 MIX and MINI AP, from February 27-29, 2024, at Booth 9B58 in Hall 09 at Messe Düsseldorf, Germany.

SUNMI V3 MIX and MINI AP are available for purchase on SUNMI's homepage (SUNMI V3 MIX Smart Mobile Terminal), and further details can be found on the respective product pages (SUNMI V3 MIX).

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About Shanghai SUNMI Technology Co., Ltd.

SUNMI is leading the move to Android for business digitization solutions through attractive business IoT devices and End-to-End platform. Focusing on R&D and innovation, SUNMI product lines, including Payment and Mobile Terminals, Desktop Terminals, and Kiosks, among others, are recognized by customers for design, quality and well performance. SUNMI’s products and solutions have been successfully implemented in retail, food & beverage, healthcare, services, and other businesses large and small, empowering clients in more than 200 countries, regions and territories.

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