Proxyway Compares Top Proxy Providers in One-of-a-Kind Report

Proxyway Compares Top Proxy Providers in One-of-a-Kind Report
The publicly-available report comes with performance benchmarks and an overview of market trends.

Proxyway, a leading researcher and reviewer of web scraping infrastructure, has released its fifth annual report on the proxy server market. Based on in-depth technical benchmarks, a survey of leading proxy service providers, and collected insights, it remains the only publicly available resource of its kind. 

Proxies unlock access to large amounts of data by changing the IP address and location of the user. They form a crucial part of the broader web data industry. According to a survey by Censuswide, more than three-quarters of e-commerce companies in the UK and US now use public web data extraction in their daily operations. In Proxyway's survey, multiple participating proxy providers reported triple-digit yearly growth.

Despite the increasing importance of proxy server infrastructure, the market lacks independent coverage about the main participants in the space. Proxy Market Research was made to fill this gap. The report features:

  • 12 leading proxy service providers. The roster includes market leaders, such as Bright Data and Oxylabs, together with up-and-coming providers like Webshare. 
  • Five proxy network types: residential, mobile, rotating datacenter, dedicated datacenter, and dedicated ISP proxies. The report provides an all-around view of these proxy networks ranging from their size and performance to features and price. 
  • Large-scale performance benchmarks. The tests for residential and mobile proxy networks involved millions of connection requests made throughout weeks of testing. 
  • Historical performance data. The report makes it possible to compare how the size and infrastructure performance of proxy networks changed over the years.
  • A section on industry trends. Based on a survey and internal know-how, the report outlines the most popular proxy types and use cases, market direction, opportunities, and threats.

Proxyway's Proxy Market Research is widely regarded as one of the most reliable resources on the proxy server industry. It is used by providers and businesses alike to make informed decisions related to proxy server infrastructure:

On behalf of Oxylabs, we would like to extend our appreciation to Proxyway's team for their in-depth yearly research and endeavors to shine a light on the industry. - Oxylabs, a leading proxy service provider.

Thank you, Proxyway, for recognizing our efforts, and to our clients for choosing us as their trusted proxy provider.  - Bright Data, a leading proxy service provider. 

This data is immensely helpful! Normally we'd have to spend time emailing each provider to set up a proper test account, write our tests, conduct them, and then examine the data. This report will save us so much time in the future. And for a business, time saved is money saved. - SerpAPI, a provider of search engine scraping services. 

Proxy Market Research is publicly available on Proxyway's website. To access it, visit

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