Mohit Gadkari’s Insights on Innovation, Diversity, and AI Leadership

Mohit Gadkari’s Insights on Innovation, Diversity, and AI Leadership

Mohit Gadkari, with over 15 years of experience in technology leadership, specializes in cloud computing, security, and DevOps. His pioneering work in Generative AI and commitment to diversity and inclusion have earned him recognition as a thought leader and mentor in the tech industry.

Norly News: Mohit, could you share your plans for advancing Generative AI, collaboration, and knowledge sharing?

Mohit Gadkari: Absolutely. I’m focused on deepening collaborations with experts, attending specialized tech conferences, and hosting local meetups to foster knowledge exchange. 

Norly News: Your journey through the specializations of Cloud, Security, and DevOps is impressive. Could you highlight some key milestones that shaped your expertise in these fields?

Mohit Gadkari: From pioneering cloud migrations for a major bank to leading DevSecOps initiatives and architecting solutions, each milestone contributed to my expertise. Notably, launching the first containerized deployment for a product-based company marked a significant achievement.

Norly News: With your passion for Generative AI, could you share some insights into how you’ve been staying up to date on the latest trends in technology and how this passion has influenced your career trajectory?

Mohit Gadkari: My dedication to keeping up with the latest advances of generative AI technology is multifaceted, incorporating many channels for knowledge acquisition and exchange. I regularly read the latest research presented at major conferences such as NeurlPS and I follow the work of leading researchers and institutions that are driving AI innovation today. I am active in GitHub that create a rich reservoir of shared knowledge. These platforms are extremely valuable in disseminating knowledge and experience among the people in our community. I follow specialized blogs and newsletters such as AI Alignment Forum, The Data Science Weekly, and the AI Times, which are great at keeping tabs on all the emerging trends in the world of AI. Last but not least are the podcasts such as AI in Business podcast that are great at understanding the many nuanced perspectives of the practitioners of the AI industry.

The passion I harbor for generative AI has significantly shaped my professional journey. Primarily, it has endowed me with a robust grounding in machine learning and deep learning, paving the way for engagement in stimulating projects across diverse sectors. Furthermore, it has facilitated collaborations with domain experts, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and catalyzing novel approaches. Ultimately, this enduring passion serves as a driving force propelling my continuous growth and fulfillment within the realm of AI research and development.

Mohit Gadkari

Norly News: Your seven cloud certifications reflect a dedication to continuous learning. How have these certifications impacted your career, and what’s their future impact?

Mohit Gadkari: These certifications enhanced my skills, boosted confidence, and opened doors to new opportunities. Moving forward, they’ll continue to propel my career growth and leadership roles in cloud computing.

Norly News: Your recognition as a thought leader speaks volumes and must be a source of pride for you. What initiatives led to this, and how do you plan to leverage it for further innovation?

Mohit Gadkari: Engaging with the community, blogging, and speaking at conferences contributed to this recognition. I aim to foster collaboration, mentorship, and advocacy for responsible AI to drive innovation.

Norly News: Transitioning into the role of an architect is a significant step. How does it enable you to craft innovative solutions?

Mohit Gadkari: As an Architect, I apply my expertise in cloud, security, and DevOps to design scalable and secure solutions, driving innovation and meeting clients’ evolving needs. 

Norly News: Your public speaking engagements cover diverse topics. What key messages do you aim to convey, and how do they resonate with your audience?

Mohit Gadkari: I emphasize the transformative potential of AI, ethical considerations, collaboration, and the future of work. These messages spark discussions and inspire action among diverse audiences.

Norly News: Your dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion within the technology sector is truly commendable. Could you provide some insights into the initiatives or strategies you’ve utilized to cultivate a more inclusive workplace environment, both within San Diego and on a larger scale?

Mohit Gadkari: Certainly. Promoting diversity and inclusion is a core aspect of my professional ethos, and I’ve actively engaged in a variety of initiatives and strategies to foster an inclusive workplace culture. Among the key approaches I’ve implemented is the establishment of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that are tailored to diverse communities, including initiatives aimed at supporting women in technology. These serve as platforms for individuals to connect, exchange experiences, and provide mutual support, thereby enhancing their professional development.

I’ve spearheaded implementation of mentorship programs within organizations, pairing individuals from diverse backgrounds with seasoned leaders and mentors. These programs offer valuable guidance, support, and opportunities for growth, with the overarching goal of bolstering retention and advancement rates for underrepresented groups.

Collaborating closely with hiring managers, I’ve advocated for the implementation of inclusive hiring practices. This includes initiatives such as assembling diverse interview panels and actively seeking out candidates from varied backgrounds. By embracing these practices, we ensure that our workforce mirrors the diversity of our clientele and surrounding communities.

Beyond the confines of the workplace, I’ve taken the lead in organizing local meetup groups geared towards advocating for cloud technology. These outreach efforts not only facilitate knowledge sharing and networking but also serve as avenues for promoting inclusivity within the broader tech community.

Norly News: Your commitment to mentoring high school students and guiding job seekers towards STEM careers showcases your dedication to community outreach. Can you recount any impactful experiences or success stories from your mentoring efforts?

Mohit Gadkari: Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring high school students and job seekers in STEM fields, and the experiences have been incredibly rewarding. Witnessing their success is truly gratifying. For instance, I mentored a candidate from a diverse, underrepresented background in the tech industry. Despite starting with a non-traditional software engineering background, this individual learned programming skills, secured an internship at a leading tech company in the Bay Area, and is now thriving as a professional in the tech sector, enjoying a high quality of life. Overall, mentoring allows me to give back to my community and support individuals in achieving their aspirations.

Norly News: Your active participation in panel discussions, such as AI: Diversified, underscores your commitment to promoting Responsible AI and fostering diversity within the tech industry. Could you share some key insights or takeaways you’ve gained from these engagements?

Mohit Gadkari: Engaging in panel discussions focused on Responsible AI and diversity in tech has been enlightening. Among the benefits I reaped from these is that we can create more responsible AI practices by incorporating diverse perspectives and experiences in development of AI systems to ensure fairness and inclusivity.

I’ve also discovered that AI can magnify underlying societal issues. AI can exacerbate or pacify existing biases such as discrimination and inequality within society.

The ethical implications of AI, including privacy concerns and accountability, must be carefully considered, and aligned with human values and societal norms.

Developing Responsible AI necessitates collaboration among various stakeholders, including technologists, policymakers, ethicists, and social scientists. Together, we can create AI systems that are not only technologically advanced but also ethical, transparent, and accountable.

This concludes our exclusive interview with Mohit Gadkari, a visionary leader at the forefront of technology and social impact. Stay tuned for more insights and innovations from the tech industry.

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