DuploCloud Launches Free Trial of Its Cloud Infrastructure Management Platform

DuploCloud Launches Free Trial of Its Cloud Infrastructure Management Platform
DuploCloud Launches Free Trial of Its Cloud Infrastructure Management Platform
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DuploCloud Logo

DuploCloud, the industry pioneer for DevOps automation and built-in compliance, today announced the launch of a new free trial version of their award-winning DevOps Automation Platform. With this free trial, teams can access all the key features of DuploCloud's platform used to provision and manage AWS services, Kubernetes orchestration, automated resource scaling and optimization, cost tracking, monitoring and alerts, SIEM, and more. Interested developers can sign-up and start accessing the DuploCloud free trial to manage and deploy applications on AWS.

"With the launch of our free trial, we aim to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience that empowers companies to effortlessly navigate cloud infrastructure management," said Venkat Thiruvengadam, CEO and Founder of DuploCloud. "We understand that startups and SMBs face unique challenges when it comes to managing and securing their cloud infrastructure, and our goal is to provide them with a solution that is accessible, intuitive, and highly effective. Our solution enables businesses to optimize their cloud operations, increase efficiency, and focus on what matters most—driving innovation and growth."

DuploCloud's free trial provides all the key features and benefits of its robust platform, including:

  • 10X faster infra deployment, which means faster time to revenue: Modernizes infrastructure with microservices and cloud-native design.
  • Implementation of security frameworks in weeks - not months: Quickly and easily adhere to regulatory standards like SOC 2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, and GDPR.
  • Minimal subject matter expertise needed to address the DevOps labor shortage: DuploCloud's no-code web UI automates infrastructure provisioning and observability with built-in security and compliance. 
  • Terraform simplified: DuploCloud's low-code Terraform provider auto-generates 90% of the manual Infrastructure-as-Code based on best practices and compliance standards. 
  • Eliminating human error: Software-based configuration automates provisioning and undergoes multiple security, reliability, and scalability tests and audits.
  • Seamless cloud migration: Provides unique data migration techniques to move your software from on-prem to the cloud, or between public clouds. 
  • 24 x 7 compliance monitoring: The platform checks for alerts on and compliance drift.
  • 75% reduction in cloud operating costs: 10x faster cloud infra provisioning, combined with the fact that DuploCloud auto-generates 90% of the Infrastructure-as-Code, provides significant cost savings as companies now need to spend less time and resources on infrastructure configurations.
  • Team of experts supporting the platform: Supporting our customers for all things AWS, security and compliance.

For more information about DuploCloud's new free trial, visit https://duplocloud.com/.

About DuploCloud

DuploCloud is the industry's only end-to-end low-code/no-code DevOps automation and compliance platform, designed to make DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code accessible for everyone. Founded in 2017 and built by the original engineers of Microsoft Azure and AWS, the software platform helps startups, SMBs, and companies that are building enterprise-grade applications or migrating to the cloud, save time and money. The DuploCloud platform translates high-level application specifications into detailed and fully managed cloud configurations utilizing best practices around security, availability, and compliance guidelines. Investors in the company include Mayfield and Monta Vista Capital. Learn more at https://duplocloud.com/

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