BrainGu is Headed to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023

BrainGu is Headed to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023
BrainGu is Headed to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2023
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

The containerization crew at BrainGu is headed to Amsterdam! Fueled by a passion for innovative software platforms that deliver (rs)2: Resilience, Scalability, Repeatability, and Security, BrainGu is crossing the Atlantic to commune and commiserate with adopters and technologists from the world's leading open-source and cloud-native communities.

As Silver Sponsors of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe, BrainGu has carved out its own corner of the RAI Convention Center corner at booth S51. But the BrainGu crew isn't only in Amsterdam to sample Hollandse Nieuwe and practice their Dutch -- they're showcasing the ever-expanding capabilities of StructsureTM, BrainGu's leading-edge internal developer platform (IDP).

While visiting BrainGu at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe, you can expect to:

·       Learn how BrainGu's cloud-native technologies are building IDPs that apply DevSecOps principles to all levels of ANY company, regardless of size, industry, or regulatory roadblock.

·       Explore how (rs)2 is helping BrainGu's partners foster innovation and developer autonomy, all while improving platform stability and security.

·       Score some rad burrito stickers and other pieces of highly coveted BrainGu swag.

·       Terminate Kubernetes pods with extreme prejudice on BrainGu's chaos-engineered two-player version of KubeDoom - now on Steam Deck and powered by StructsureTM Edge.

BrainGu Co-Founder, John (Spence) Spencer, will be on hand to discuss how leading-edge platforms, like StructsureTM, must be resilient enough to support any product development effort, regardless of unexpected challenges, outages, and emerging threats. He's also eager to share how BrainGu's modular and extensible architecture adapts to the changing needs and requirements of any customer while also providing the necessary context and tooling to foster innovation through developer autonomy. He's also keen for opportunities to practice his conversational Dutch.

"If you want to find the heart of cloud-native innovation and ground-breaking ideas, you come to KubeCon," said BrainGu CEO John Spencer. "This is why we are thrilled to sponsor this year's KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe. The BrainGu team is eager to connect and collaborate with the great minds working at the forefront of cloud-native computing and introduce them to our IDP, StructsureTM. We know KubeCon will be a chance to help even more developers and companies deliver (rs)2 platforms - regardless of industry or barrier." 

Can't make it to Amsterdam? Visit BrainGu at for more information and video content.

Who Is BrainGu?

BrainGu is a technology company specializing in developer-centric Internal Developer Platforms and user-driven software applications. We solve complex challenges by taking a human-first approach to incubating and scaling technologies that solve real-world problems in the hands of users and mission owners. BrainGu's platforms deliver resilient, scalable, repeatable, and secure results in weeks, not years.

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