WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Bipartisan Leaders Applaud Biden-Harris Administration’s Announcement of Over 40B for High-Speed Internet to Kick off Investing in America Tour

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Bipartisan Leaders Applaud Biden-Harris Administration’s Announcement of Over 40B for High-Speed Internet to Kick off Investing in America Tour

On Monday, the Biden-Harris Administration announced that it has allocated over $40 billion to all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five territories to deploy affordable, reliable high-speed Internet service to American families through the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program.

Every state received more than $100 million in BEAD allocations, with 19 states receiving more than a billion dollars. This investment is the largest single investment in high-speed internet in history, as well as the largest one-time announcement from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The announcement kicked off the three-week Investing in America tour, where President Biden, Vice President Harris, and leaders across the Administration will travel to states and communities across the country to highlight how President Biden’s economic agenda is growing the economy from the middle-out and bottom-up, not top-down.

President Biden and Vice President Harris are delivering on their historic commitment to connect everyone in America to reliable, affordable high-speed internet by the end of the decade.

Bipartisan public officials and industry leaders from all 50 states, D.C. and territories praised the announcement. Here’s what they’re saying:

Federal Elected Officials
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: “Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure & Jobs Law we passed, a historic nearly $670 million is now on its way to expand broadband infrastructure and boost high-quality internet access across New York. Whether it is for work, school, or getting the healthcare you need, access to the internet is not luxury, but a necessity for modern life. Long before the pandemic, communities across New York, from rural communities Upstate to bustling city neighborhoods, have struggled to obtain reliable high-speed internet service. I am proud to deliver this record setting nearly $670 million for New York to help finally close the digital divide. New York, under Governor Hochul’s leadership, is leading the charge to get all New Yorkers the equitable access to the internet they deserve, and this major federal investment will help finally give our communities the support they need to succeed in the 21st century.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: “In today’s digital age, it’s essential that Kentucky’s communities, from rural towns to urban centers, have access to reliable and affordable high-speed Internet. Today’s federal funding will deploy internet infrastructure to communities across the Commonwealth that need it most, bringing new opportunity to millions of Kentuckians. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law continues to deliver more wins for the people of Kentucky, and I’m delighted to see this significant investment head our way today.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries: “In New York and throughout America, there are far too many under-resourced communities without the ability to connect online and engage with family, work, school and telemedicine. Working with President Biden, House Democrats passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to ensure that every single community throughout our nation has access to high-speed internet. We invested $65 billion to expand broadband in every single zip code. I thank President Biden and Governor Hochul for their leadership in shepherding $665 million in crucial investments across New York.” [Statement, 6/26/23]
Assistant Democratic Leader, South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn: “Pleased to announce SC will receive $551.5 million from @POTUS’ Infrastructure Law to expand access to affordable high-speed internet. SC now has the means to connect every household by 2026, furthering our efforts to make America’s greatness accessible and affordable for all.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee, Washington Senator Patty Murray: “With more than $1.2 billion dollars for badly needed high-speed internet infrastructure coming to Washington state, this investment is nothing short of transformative. This is the biggest investment ever in high-speed internet access and digital inclusion in Washington and it’s going to create meaningful opportunities for families and small businesses in every part of our state, all while creating good-paying jobs and connecting communities. It’s great to see funding we passed in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law getting out the door to bring Washington state one big step closer to guaranteeing reliable access to high-speed internet for everyone.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Washington Senator Maria Cantwell: “The COVID pandemic laid bare just how crucial fast and affordable internet access is for all Washingtonians. But for more than a quarter of a million households in the State of Washington, broadband remains inaccessible. This major new broadband investment will help ensure that more Washingtonians – from patients booking a telehealth appointment, to students filing an assignment, to small business owners connecting with customers – are able to fully participate in our 21st Century economy.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Ranking Member, Senate Appropriations Committee, Maine Senator Susan Collins: “Access to high-speed Internet is critical to the vitality of rural communities, which is why I have long championed expanding access to broadband across Maine. From spurring job creation to supporting telemedicine and education, the Internet unlocks almost endless benefits and possibilities. I co-authored the broadband section of the law to help bridge the digital divide between rural and urban areas, and I am pleased that this funding will help Maine make historic investments to extend its high-speed network to ensure that families have a reliable connection to their loved ones, co-workers, schools, and medical services.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Montana Senator Jon Tester: “ We just secured $629 MILLION to boost high-speed internet for 100,000+ Montana households and businesses. Proud to have gotten these targeted resources from a new program in my bipartisan infrastructure law that aims to finally close the digital divide in rural America. Living my whole life on a farm with limited service, I know firsthand how critical high-speed internet is for economic growth in our rural communities. These resources will create good-paying jobs across our state and ensure our small businesses can compete in the 21st century.” [Tweet Thread, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin: “BREAKING NEWS: I am thrilled to announce WV will receive $1.2 BILLION to finally ensure every home is connected to reliable broadband. This funding, made possible by the #BipartisanInfrastructureLaw, will finally get rural WV connected.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Ranking Member, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, West Virginia Senator Shelly Moore Capito: “Connecting West Virginia has been a top priority of mine since Day One in the U.S. Senate, and today’s announcement has the ability to lead us to a major breakthrough in that effort. I have consistently worked with those involved in this process at both the state and federal levels to ensure our maps are as accurate as possible and West Virginia receives its fair share of funding. This funding, which is the largest amount of broadband funding awarded to the state to date, will assist in our efforts to provide communities with the resources they need to improve connectivity overall. We are on the cusp of a major breakthrough – one that I am committed to seeing though.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Delaware Senator Tom Carper: “Big news: Thousands of Delawareans in every corner of our state will soon be connected to reliable broadband internet! This is made possible by $107.7 million through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – yet another example of how this law is changing lives for the better.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Finance Committee, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden: “Huge news: After I fought to fix flawed FCC broadband maps, I’m thrilled to announce I was able to secure an unprecedented $700 MILLION in federal funding to expand rural broadband in Oregon.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee, Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow: “High speed internet isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential service that we need for everything from work, school, doctors’ visits, and paying our bills. With the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Senator Peters and I were able to ensure major investments like this to expand affordable, reliable broadband in Michigan. In partnership with Governor Whitmer and the Michigan High Speed Internet Office, this new infrastructure will allow for telemedicine, remote learning, and other services families and businesses rely on in Michigan.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Michigan Senator Gary Peters: “HUGE NEWS More that $1.5 BILLION in federal funding from the bipartisan infrastructure law is heading to Michigan to invest in high-speed internet across our state. This will make a big difference for Michiganders & our economy.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Ranking Member, Senate Armed Services Committee, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker: “This massive investment in Mississippi’s internet infrastructure will be transformational for our state and help many Mississippians access the high-speed internet they deserve.  Investments like these are the exact reason I fought so hard to ensure the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law focused on the hard infrastructure that helps our economy grow. I am thrilled at this announcement, and I will continue working with our leadership to ensure that every dollar is put to work connecting all corners of the state.”  [Article, 6/26/23]

Ranking Member, Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy: “We made investing in broadband a priority when negotiating the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and now Louisiana is seeing the benefit. This is a historic $1.3 billion investment that will enable millions of Louisiana students, small businesses, and families to reach their full potential with access to high-speed internet.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Vice Chair, Senate Indian Affairs Committee, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski: “GREAT NEWS: Over $1 billion in BEAD allocations from the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is going to Alaska to build out our state’s broadband infrastructure to connect Alaskans to high speed internet. I’m proud to deliver internet connections to Alaskans.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Armed Services Committee, Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed: “This is good news for the state that will help improve connectivity for thousands of Rhode Islanders in underserved communities that currently lack reliable high-speed Internet service.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders: “This country once made a historic effort to bring electricity to rural America.Today we must make every effort to do the same for broadband. In the year 2023, high-speed internet must be treated as the new electricity – a fundamental and essential public utility for every member of the community no matter their income or geography. I look forward to seeing this historic investment from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which we passed in the Senate in August 2021, bring quality broadband to hard-to-reach pockets of Vermont that have gone without internet for too long.” [Article, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Budget Committee, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley: “Access to efficient broadband and transportation is critical to connecting people and positioning communities for long-term successes. Today’s infrastructure investments will kick start critical projects, particularly in rural parts of our state. They’ll improve learning opportunities for students and expand markets for small businesses, as well as enhance mobility throughout Iowa.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez: “Proud to have voted for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law’s once-in-a-generation internet investment to upgrade access to education, health care and more. The #InternetforAll plan strengthens NJ & brings affordable broadband to more families & businesses.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Rules and Administration Committee, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar: “We should be able to bring high-speed internet to every family in America — regardless of their zip code. With this federal funding we will reach every corner of Minnesota by bringing needed high-speed internet access to schools, homes, and health care centers. This funding is based on a bill I introduced that passed as part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and as co-chair of the Senate Broadband Caucus, I’ll keep working across the aisle to make sure all Minnesotans can reliably access the high-speed internet they need.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Virginia Senator Mark Warner: “This whopping $1.4 billion investment brings us a giant step closer to achieving our goal of universal broadband coverage in Virginia. This funding is in no small part thanks to the Virginians that took time out of their day to report their connectivity status. Because of these efforts, we were able to accurately report our coverage and access every cent to which Virginia was entitled.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Special Committee on Aging, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey: “Funding Alert Pennsylvania is receiving nearly $1.16 billion (yes, billion) to expand high-speed internet. This will help families, especially in rural areas, finally get access to the internet they need in today’s world. #InternetforAll” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Chair, Senate Special Committee on Aging, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey: “High-speed internet is a necessity today and without it, Pennsylvanians are left at a disadvantage. Our rural communities are particularly impacted by a lack of reliable, high-speed internet access. This record-setting investment from the infrastructure law will help ensure Pennsylvania students have every opportunity to learn, families to stay connected, and small businesses stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Ranking Member, House Homeland Security Committee, Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson: “I was the only congressman from Mississippi in the House of Representatives to cast a ballot in favor of the infrastructure spending package. I am proud to have taken a stand for the people of my state and to have been an advocate for responsible investment in our nation’s future. Broadband access is essential for our country’s progress, and this spending package is going to get us off the bottom and bring us forward into an era of greater technological advancement.” [Article, 6/26/23]

Ranking Member, House Energy and Commerce Committee, New Jersey Congressman Frank Pallone: “Reliable, high-speed internet is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. Americans depend on internet access to do their jobs, run their small businesses, complete schoolwork, and connect with family and friends. That’s why we delivered for the American people with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and I am pleased the Biden Administration announced $263.6 million for New Jersey. With these new resources, New Jersey will be able to expand broadband access to make sure everyone in our state has access to this essential service. I look forward to seeing the difference this historic funding makes for families and business across the state and will keep fighting to make sure every American, regardless of zip code, has the internet access they need.” [Statement, 6/26/23]
Alabama Representative Terri Sewell: “In our 21st century economy, access to reliable high-speed internet is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Thanks to President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we’re devoting more resources than ever before to expanding broadband, closing the digital divide, and ensuring that every Alabamian can connect to high-speed internet. These funds will be a game-changer for our state, and I look forward to working with [the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs] to ensure that they are equitably distributed to HBCUs and underserved communities, including in Birmingham and the Black Belt.” [Article, 6/26/23]

Arizona Senator Mark Kelly: “From students doing homework online to seniors using telehealth services to receive medical treatment without leaving their homes, it’s essential that all Arizonans—no matter where they live—have access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet.  Our bipartisan infrastructure law is making that a reality, and I’m committed to ensuring that we fully capitalize on this once-in-a-generation investment in Arizona’s broadband infrastructure.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Arizona Senator Kirsten Sinema: “While writing and negotiating my bipartisan infrastructure law I ensured we made the strongest broadband investment in Arizona’s history — making internet more accessible and affordable for Arizonans in all corners of our state. I’ll continue delivering lasting results for Arizona.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

California Senator Alex Padilla: “BREAKING: CA was awarded $1.8 billion in funding for access to high-speed Internet. This critical funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will be instrumental in bridging the digital divide and ensure that all Californians––regardless of zip code––can connect online.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

California Senator Dianne Feinstein: “California is home to Silicon Valley and many of the largest tech companies in world. Unfortunately, despite leading in technology innovation, approximately one in five Californians lacks access to reliable and affordable high-speed internet. With this additional funding, California will have received nearly $7 billion from President Biden’s Internet for All initiative, ensuring more Californians are able to affordably access the internet to compete in today’s economy.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet: “It is unacceptable that millions of Americans – disproportionately from rural areas, low-income neighborhoods, and communities of color – still lack access to the internet. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law included historic broadband funding to close the digital divide and help every family participate in the 21st century economy. There is no state more prepared than Colorado to seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity and bring every family, small business, and community online.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper: “Thanks to our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we’re connecting every household to affordable, high-speed internet so Coloradans can access telehealth services, virtual classes, run their small businesses, and so much more.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Delaware Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester: “NEWS: Delaware is receiving $107 million to connect folks with high-speed internet service thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law – legislation I’m helping implement w/ @RLC_Leaders! We’re one step closer to ensuring #InternetForAll Delawareans no matter their zip code.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock: “GOOD NEWS GEORGIA: I’m proud to announce a historic $1.3 billion federal investment in broadband expansion! This will help make life easier for the 15% of Georgians who lack reliable internet access & give our communities the tools they need to compete in the 21st century.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff: “Since taking office, Sen. Warnock and I made expanding high-speed internet in Georgia a top priority. Through the bipartisan infrastructure law, we are now delivering an unprecedented investment in broadband access for families and businesses across the state of Georgia. I thank President Biden and Secretary Raimondo for supporting our efforts to expand high-speed internet in Georgia.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Georgia Representative Lucy McBath: “Families across Georgia rely on access to broadband for their jobs, their schoolwork, and keeping in touch with loved ones. I’m thrilled to see these federal funds come home to Georgia. Expanding our state’s access to broadband is critical for the economic success of our small businesses, the educational future of our children, and the pursuit of equity in our communities.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth: “NEWS: Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Illinois will receive over one billion dollars in federal funding to help working families afford high-speed internet. We’re working to close the digital divide. [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Illinois Representative Robin Kelly: “Every community in Illinois deserves access to high-quality Internet. Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which I worked to pass, over $1 billion has been allocated to expand high-quality Internet access in Illinois. Learn more here:” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Illinois Representative Jonathan Jackson: “Thrilled to share that Illinois will receive over $1 billion from @POTUS’s visionary plan to expand high-speed internet access across the U.S. This is a significant stride to close the digital divide, empowering our businesses & families across our state.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Kansas Representative Sharice Davids: “Kansas’ current broadband system does not operate at the needed level for folks across our state to efficiently access crucial resources such as employment opportunities, virtual learning, and health care. This new federal investment is a huge step forward in closing the digital gap and keeping our communities connected. I am proud to have voted for the bipartisan infrastructure law that continues to make a positive impact on the lives of Kansas families.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Louisiana Representative Troy Carter: “Internet is a necessity, NOT a luxury. @POTUS & @VP announced $1,355,554,552 to bring high-speed & affordable internet to #Louisiana. #LA02 will have more access than ever before to stay connected & utilize important services like telehealth & virtual learning. #InternetForAll” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Maryland Congressional Delegation (Sen. Van Hollen and Cardin, and Congressmen Steny H. Hoyer, Dutch Ruppersberger, John Sarbanes, Kweisi Mfume, Jamie B. Raskin, David Trone, and Glenn Ivey (all D-Md.): “Expanding access to broadband is critical for connecting households to economic opportunities, providing children of all backgrounds with equitable learning opportunities, and creating thriving communities.The pandemic laid bare the need for affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband as a standard public utility for every household, which is why we fought for investments in broadband within the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. With today’s announcement, we are one step closer to making high-speed internet service accessible and affordable for all while also supporting good paying jobs deploying fiber and using materials made in America. Team Maryland will keep working to strengthen the state’s broadband infrastructure to ensure no Marylander is left behind.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Michigan Representative Dan Kildee: “Reliable internet access is essential for students, workers and small businesses to be successful in the global economy. I am proud to have passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to improve internet access in Michigan communities. In Congress, I will continue fighting to bring federal resources home to Michigan.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Michigan Representative Debbie Dingell: “From telehealth to virtual learning, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted just how essential the internet is to our everyday lives, and just how many Americans still lack access to these basic resources. “Expanding strong broadband internet access is a critical piece of bringing our infrastructure into the 21st century, and BEAD will help connect our communities who need it the most.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey: “Today I’m celebrating $147 million in federal funding to expand high-speed broadband access in communities across Massachusetts. From the Berkshires to the Cape, this funding will help underserved households connect, work, and learn. It’s time to close the digital divide.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Minnesota Senator Tina Smith: “Broadband is the infrastructure of the 21st Century. It isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential if we’re going to build an economy that works for everyone. This funding, made possible by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, means that thousands more Minnesotans will gain access to affordable, high-speed internet—and the economic opportunity, education and health care that comes along with internet access. I’m proud of our work to secure these investments and will continue fighting to ensure that every Minnesotan, regardless of their zip code, has access to high-speed broadband.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer: “For far too long, our state has lacked the broadband infrastructure communities need to unlock new economic opportunities and access critical services. This once-in-a-generation investment will do much to close the digital divide and provide more Nebraskans with the connectivity they deserve. I am pleased to see my work on the infrastructure law continue to deliver real results for our great state.” [Article, 6/26/23]

Nevada Senator Jacky Rosen: “Internet connectivity is essential for Nevadans’ daily lives, and I’ve made it one of my top priorities to ensure every household in our state has access to high-speed internet. As a result of these successful efforts, I have secured $416 million to connect more Nevadans across our state to high-speed internet.” [Statement, 6/26/23]
Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto: “After years of work, today I’m proud to announce Nevada is getting $416 million to expand broadband access in our state. I’ve been fighting to make sure our state gets the funding it needs to connect Nevadans statewide, and this announcement makes it official. This is great news for our families, students, and small businesses – especially in rural and underserved communities across our state. We still have more work to do, and I’m fighting to make sure Nevadans aren’t left behind.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Nevada Representative Susie Lee: “Nevada lags behind much of the nation when it comes to high speed, affordable internet access. But with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, we are getting nearly half a billion dollars to invest in affordable broadband and make sure our communities are connected.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Nevada Representative Dina Titus: “$416 million for connecting Nevadans to broadband access. $42 billion in total funding for all fifty states. I helped get these investments across the finish line, bringing our communities online, unlocking educational opportunity, and reaping economic benefits.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

New Hampshire Representative Chris Pappas: “Access to high-speed internet enables our businesses to compete, communities to thrive, and Granite Staters to succeed. By expanding broadband across New Hampshire, this investment will help close the digital equity gap, improve education, and boost our local economy. I was proud to help pass the bipartisan infrastructure law to secure these funds, and I’ll continue fighting for resources that improve quality of life in New Hampshire.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

New Hampshire Representative Annie Kuster: “When we expand access to high-speed broadband, we expand access to economic opportunities and create new ways for Granite Staters to thrive. I am thrilled to see this significant funding heading to New Hampshire to strengthen our broadband infrastructure and connect more families, students, small businesses, and communities with affordable, quality internet access.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan: “This major investment in New Hampshire will help expand access to reliable, high-speed internet to more parts of New Hampshire, which is key to the success of our people and businesses in today’s economy. I was proud to help negotiate the bipartisan infrastructure law, which made this program possible, and I will continue working to ensure that Granite Staters have the resources that they need to thrive.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen: “This is the largest broadband grant program from the historic bipartisan infrastructure law that will be a game-changer for communities in New Hampshire, especially in the more rural parts of our state. Getting people online and connected will impact their quality of life, affecting everything from access to health care appointments, business transactions, remote education programs and much more. When Senator Collins and I worked on the broadband provisions of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, this is precisely what we had in mind. I’m excited to announce this for New Hampshire and to reassure Granite Staters that our communities are getting our fair share of resources to create and support the broadband networks necessary to lift up families in every corner of our state.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

New Hampshire Representative Annie Kuster: “When we expand access to high-speed broadband, we expand access to economic opportunities and create new ways for Granite Staters to thrive. I am thrilled to see this significant funding heading to New Hampshire to strengthen our broadband infrastructure and connect more families, students, small businesses, and communities with affordable, quality internet access.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

New Mexico Senator Ben Ray Lujan: “Today’s digital era has made clear that an internet connection is a necessity for New Mexico families. It’s needed in order for students to complete their studies, for families to access work and telehealth services, and for small businesses to get ahead. That’s why I’m proud to work alongside NTIA to deliver this pivotal investment of $675 million to help deliver a reliable internet connection to families across New Mexico. This investment will help close the digital divide in our rural communities and allow more New Mexicans the opportunity to fully participate in the online economy.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich: “This is huge. Thanks to our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, New Mexico will receive $675 million for reliable, high-speed internet in every corner of our state. This is the single largest federal investment in broadband in NM’s history.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

New Jersey Congressman Don Norcross: “Big news! NJ will receive more than $263 million in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding to connect families with affordable & reliable high-speed internet.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

New York Congressman Brian Higgins: “NY will receive over $664.6 million through the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) program. The federal funding designed to expand access to affordable & reliable high-speed internet was made possible thanks to the #bipartisaninfrastructurelaw” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

New York Congressman Brian Higgins: “High speed internet access is a necessity, not a luxury for New Yorkers of all ages. From school work, to telehealth, accessing government services, applying to jobs, working from home, and more, at home internet access has become a daily utility. Unfortunately, the FCC’s broadband maps reveal significant gaps in access to service, a challenge that many Western New Yorkers understand. Thanks to investments made by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we are taking another step toward providing communities with optimal broadband infrastructure that will ensure that families have the reliable and equitable internet access they need each day to work, live, and educate their children.” [Statement, 6/26/23]
New York Congressman Paul Tonko: “Even as the COVID pandemic has made remote work and school a new normal for many of us, too many Americans, particularly in rural communities, still lack reliable access to the internet. That’s why I’ve been proud to champion efforts to bring broadband access to these unserved and underserved areas, helping to deliver millions in federal funding through my ACCESS BROADBAND Act and the American Rescue Plan. Now, with this critical infusion of funding from our Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we are continuing to build the infrastructure that communities across our state and our nation need to thrive.” [Statement, 6/26/23]
New York Congresswoman Grace Meng: “In Congress, I’m proud to have helped create the $7.1 billion Emergency Connectivity Fund, which helped schools and libraries in Queens and across New York purchase Wi-Fi hotspots, modems, routers, internet service and internet-enabled devices so that we could increase access to the internet in our communities. I thrilled to hail this BEAD allocation as well, and glad to see that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that I helped pass continues to deliver for our state. I will continue championing the crucial issue of improving internet and broadband access, and I thank Governor Hochul for announcing these funds.” [Statement, 6/26/23]
New York Congressman Joseph Morelle: “Clearly internet access is no longer a luxury—it is a necessity required to participate in today’s society. Unfortunately, many families in our community still lack reliable broadband. I’m glad I was able to deliver this federal funding in support equitable internet access, and I appreciate Gov. Hochul’s commitment to ensuring all New Yorkers have the tools they need for success.” [Statement, 6/26/23]
New York Congressman Jamaal Bowman: “Access to broadband is a critical resource that will open up new opportunities for employment, education, and more, especially for communities that have been underfunded and redlined for decades. I am proud to join Governor Hochul in announcing broadband funding to our underserved communities to ensure that New Yorkers across the state can connect with and learn from each other. This is a necessary step to improving digital equity and access to opportunities throughout our state.” [Statement, 6/26/23]
New York Congressman Richie Torres: “Reliable, accessible, and quality internet access is no longer a luxury — it is a necessity for almost every aspect of everyday life. That’s one reason why I was proud to support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which continues to deliver historic and critical investments in New York and across America. Too many of our communities have historically been left behind without the ability to easily get online and be connected. But with this funding, our state and federal governments will work together to deploy broadband service equitably to make sure every New Yorker has the internet service they need and deserve.” [Statement, 6/26/23]
New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: “Access to affordable, high-quality internet is critical to connect New Yorkers with work, health care, education and more. This funding will go directly toward bridging the digital divide and deliver high-speed internet to families across New York State. I am proud to have worked to deliver this funding through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and I will continue to fight so every New Yorker has access to reliable, high-quality internet.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis: “Great news: NC is getting $1.5 billion for high-speed internet!  Proud that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law I helped write and pass into law continues to deliver. This is a game-changing investment that will help bridge the digital divide for our rural communities.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

North Carolina Congressman Wiley Nickel: “#NC13: Exciting News!Over $1.5 Billion is heading to #NorthCarolina to expand affordable, reliable, high-speed internet service. This funding will help bridge the digital divide and ensure that all #NC13 communities can access internet service regardless of zip code.” [Twitter, 6/26/23]

Ohio Congressman Greg Landsman: “FUNDING ALERT Nearly $800 million will be invested in Ohio’s broadband infrastructure. This will be a game changer for our families. This is huge. It will help folks access better healthcare, education, and jobs. Any significant progress or investment is usually the result of bipartisan work, like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. Now, we’re bringing this broadband money to Southwest Ohio.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Oregon Congressman Val Hoyle: “#OR04 has one of the largest rural populations in Oregon, and one of my priorities in Congress is to ensure broadband infrastructure reaches all my constituents. That’s why I’m pleased over $1.028 billion is ready to bring #InternetforAll to our underserved communities.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman: “Nowadays, reliable, broadband internet access is almost as fundamental as electricity or running water. We can’t let our rural and other underserved communities get left behind due to lack of broadband access. This funding is a big deal and will help deliver more broadband for all people, in rural and urban areas, so that everyone has equitable access to stable high-speed internet at home.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed: “This is good news for the state that will help improve connectivity for thousands of Rhode Islanders in underserved communities that currently lack reliable high-speed Internet service.”  [Statement, 6/26/23]

Texas Representative Jasmine Crockett: “Last week, I spoke in @HouseAgDems about this decade’s moonshot: expanding rural and urban internet access, just as the New Deal prioritized electrification. This week, @POTUS announced $3,312,616,455 for Texas in BEAD funding!” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Texas Representative Lizzie Fletcher: “Reliable access to the internet is essential. Today we see the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in action with the news that $3.3 billion in federal funds are headed TX to ensure that everyone has affordable access to broadband in #TX07 and across our state. #InternetForAll” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Virginia Representative Abigail Spanberger: “NEW: Nearly $1.5 BILLION is headed to Virginia to expand broadband internet access and close the digital divide! Thanks to the bipartisan infrastructure law — which I was proud to help negotiate and pass — we’re working to reach the goal of #InternetForAll Virginians.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Virginia Representative Gerry Connolly: “NEW: Virginia is set to receive nearly $1.5 billion from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to deploy affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet service to all who need it. This is big, folks! #InternetForAll” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Virginia Representative Jennifer McClellan: “Virginia will receive $1.481 billion in broadband funding thanks to the IIJA! This will bring us one step closer to closing the digital divide in our Commonwealth & help hardworking families access reliable, affordable internet services.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Washington Senator Patty Murray: “With more than $1.2 billion dollars for badly needed high-speed internet infrastructure coming to Washington state, this investment is nothing short of transformative.” [Article, 6/26/23]

Washington Representative Derek Kilmer: “Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, our state will receive nearly $1.23 billion to help connect every Washingtonian to high-speed internet by 2030. Rural broadband is almost like rural electrification was in decades past. We need these investments to create new jobs and businesses, empower students by placing new information at their fingertips, and help rural communities get in on the economic growth.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Washington Representative Pramila Jayapal: “NEW FUNDING: Thanks to the Infrastructure Law, Washington State is receiving over $1.2 BILLION to increase access to affordable, reliable high-speed internet. Everyone deserves internet access, and this funding will make sure no one is left behind in our effort.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin: “No matter where you live in the Badger State, Wisconsinites need access to affordable high-speed internet. I was proud to support the Infrastructure Law and deliver over $1 billion to ensure more folks can stay connected, work and learn from home, and participate in our economy.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan: “Thanks to @POTUS and the Infrastructure Law, Wisconsin is getting more than $1 billion to expand high-speed internet across the state, helping make #InternetForAll a reality.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Wisconsin Representative Gwen Moore: “In our modern economy, internet access is a necessity for all zip codes. It empowers individuals, connects communities, enables healthcare, & fuels economic growth. I applaud this announcement, made possible by the #InfrastructureLaw championed by @POTUS.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Vermont Senator Peter Welch: “We have a real opportunity to transform rural America, in large part thanks to the Biden Administration’s commitment to rural broadband. This essential service – which is key to running a successful small business, connecting with family, and getting medical care in small towns – is also key to revitalizing our rural communities. We cannot be left behind in the digital transformation, and this funding will ensure that isn’t the case. It was an honor to champion this critical program in the bipartisan infrastructure law last Congress, and it’s a great joy to see these resources – nearly $230 million– now come home to Vermont. I will continue to fight for the expeditious build out of broadband here in Vermont and across America to get folks in rural communities connected.” [Article, 6/26/23]

Vermont Congresswoman Becca Balint: “We can’t connect our communities to the jobs, education, health care, and other resources they need without equitable access to broadband. I’m grateful to the Biden Administration’s historic investment to ensure every corner of Vermont is connected to affordable, reliable broadband.” [Article, 6/26/23]
State Officials
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey: “My priority is for Alabama to gain full ability to be connected to high-speed internet. Today’s announcement provides a tremendous boost in the journey toward full broadband access no matter where you live in Alabama. #alpolitics” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Arizona Governor Katy Hobbs: “Access to reliable internet is critical to creating equal opportunities for all Arizonans. For too long, millions of Arizonans have lacked this access, preventing them from attaining good paying jobs, quality education, and even basic healthcare services. With this funding, my Administration will work with local, Tribal, and industry partners to connect every Arizonan, in every community, across the state and build an Arizona that works for everyone.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Colorado Governor Jared Polis: “This exciting federal support builds upon our work to make sure Coloradans can access high-speed, reliable internet. Here in Colorado, we continue to make bold progress towards our goal of connecting 99% of Colorado households to affordable, high-speed broadband by 2027 and we welcome the needed federal support to help connect more Coloradans.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Delaware Governor John Carney: “We are aiming to be the first state in the country with broadband access for every resident, as our President works to connect every home in the country to high-speed internet eventually. I want to thank the federal delegation and the Biden Administration for their advocacy for these funds. @LtGovernorDE” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Guam Governor Lou Leon Guerrero: “This once-in-a-generation funding is a game changer for Guam. We long recognized the need for improved broadband infrastructure on the island, and this funding will allow us to make significant progress in bridging the digital divide and providing equal access to opportunities for our residents.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb: “$868 million is a big win for #Indiana to continue the state’s progress of connecting all Hoosiers to quality, affordable and reliable high-speed internet. Since 2018, Next Level Connections, has invested more than $575M from grants & matching funds to connect 72,000+ homes and 83 counties. The new federal funding will empower the program to expand broadband in the coming years and give more #Hoosiers the power of connectivity.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly: “My administration is committed to ensuring every Kansan, regardless of their zip code, has access to fast and reliable internet connectivity, bringing additional economic growth, educational opportunities, and telehealth services. This funding advances our progress toward being a top 10 state for broadband access by 2030.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear: “Today is a historic day for Kentucky. Thanks to the support from the federal government, we are going to help connect every family, community and business to high-speed internet.  “Never before have we seen this type of investment in high-speed internet, and with it comes new infrastructure, more good jobs for our families and a boost to our already booming economy.” [Article, 6/26/23]

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards: “No one is working faster to eliminate the digital divide than Louisiana, and this major investment will allow us to get it done. I want to thank President Biden, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, and the NTIA for recognizing and supporting our important mission of making broadband available to all Louisianans, and I want to thank Senator Bill Cassidy and Congressman Troy Carter for voting for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that made this investment possible. This broadband expansion will accelerate the growth of Louisiana’s economy while increasing access to education and health care. We will work urgently to deploy these funds and ensure that 100 percent of Louisiana businesses and residences receive access to high-speed, affordable, and reliable internet by 2029.” [Article, 6/26/23]

Maine – Governor Janet Mills: “This grant funding is historic in scale, and it will be historic in impact. With this unprecedented Federal investment – the largest we have ever received – the Maine Connectivity Authority can take huge strides in bringing high-speed internet to more Maine people and in fulfilling my promise to make an internet connection available to everyone in Maine who wants one. I thank the Biden-Harris Administration for this award and the Maine Congressional Delegation for their support of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that made this funding possible.” [Article, 6/26/23]

Maryland – Governor Wes Moore: “This funding is critical to connecting every Marylander and to ensuring that all residents have access to the Internet so they can receive important information and participate in the economy. We are grateful to our federal partners, and for the leadership that the Biden Administration and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration are showing to close the digital divide.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey: “We are grateful to President Biden, Secretary Raimondo, and our entire congressional delegation for their leadership on this critical work to expand digital equity across the country. With these funds, Massachusetts will build on ongoing work to ensure that our residents can access the affordable and reliable broadband service they need to work, learn, access healthcare resources, and connect with loved ones.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer: “Today, we have won a game-changing investment to expand access to reliable, affordable high-speed internet to 210,000 more homes across Michigan. We are focused on helping anyone ‘Make it in Michigan,’ with a comprehensive view on economic development that wins projects, invests in people, and revitalizes places. Today’s win will expand economic opportunity for Michiganders and build on the over $700 million in high-speed internet federal funding we have leveraged and $249 million we invested with the bipartisan Building Michigan Together Plan last year. Let’s keep working together to connect more families and small businesses to fast, reliable high-speed internet that meets their needs, lowers their costs, and grows our economy.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz: “In Minnesota, we’ve made historic investments to connect more homes, businesses, and communities with the high-speed internet that today’s economy requires. With over $650 million in new federal funding, we’re working to reach every household across our state.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Missouri Governor Mike Parson: “We appreciate Senator Roy Blunt’s past efforts to secure this funding and the support of our partners at the NTIA as we continue to advance the critical priority of broadband expansion statewide. This significant allocation will greatly assist our ongoing investments in Missouri’s broadband infrastructure and build upon our recent $400 million investment. We’re excited to be among the top five states in BEAD funding as we work to ensure every Missourian has access to a quality internet connection.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte: “Lack of broadband access shouldn’t stand between Montanans and opportunities for a good-paying job, greater education, and affordable, high-quality health care. This generational funding will support Montana as we close the digital divide and open the doors to greater opportunities for all Montanans.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham: “Broadband is not a luxury, it is necessity. The work I’ve already done connecting more New Mexicans to broadband will continue with this historic $675M investment from the BIL supported by the Biden Administration and our Congressional delegation.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

New York Governor Kathy Hochul: “This transformative investment in New York’s ConnectALL program will be a gamechanger in advancing our statewide strategy to make affordable, high-speed internet available to all. In today’s economy, reliable broadband access is an absolute necessity, and I thank the Biden administration, Majority Leader Schumer, Senator Gillibrand, and New York’s congressional delegation for continuing to prioritize critical infrastructure needs and for supporting our mission to expand broadband to every corner of our state.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper: “State and federal partnerships are critical to helping us close the digital divide and we are grateful to the Biden-Harris administration for this historic investment to expand high-speed Internet access in North Carolina. Through this program, we will continue to make tremendous progress in making sure every household and business in our state is connected.” [Statement, 6/26/23]
Ohio Governor Mike DeWine: “Three years ago, we established our broadband office as a commitment to every Ohioan that we would work to bring broadband access to every corner of the state. This historic funding made possible by our partners in the federal government puts us another crucial step closer to closing the digital divide in Ohio for good.”  [Statement, 6/26/23]

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt: “When I came into office, Oklahoma was ranked in the bottom ten for broadband access; we are now taking important steps to fix this. I look forward to continuing to work with federal, municipal, and private partners to expand high-speed internet access for Oklahomans all across the state.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek: “Access to quality internet in 2023 is critical to a community’s local economy. This substantial investment in Oregon’s broadband infrastructure will help to remedy the digital divide in rural, unserved, and underserved communities across the state, ensuring that Oregonians are able to access telehealth, business opportunities, education, and so much more. I want to thank the Biden Administration, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and Congress for this investment. I also want to give a special thanks to Secretary Gina Raimondo, Senator Ron Wyden, and Oregon’s Broadband Office for their efforts to ensure that Oregon gets their fair share of the resources through advocating for maps that accurately depict our state’s broadband needs.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro: “It’s 2023, Pennsylvanians need high-speed, affordable internet to go to school, go to work, and succeed here in the Commonwealth. That’s why this federal funding matters. Thanks to this historic investment, my Administration will be able to bring reliable internet at high speeds and for affordable prices to every corner and every community in the Commonwealth.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Puerto Rico Governor Pedro Pierluisi: “I thank the Biden-Harris administration for its commitment to improving internet access on our Island. Today @POTUS announced a new allocation of more than $334 million for Puerto Rico through the Broadband, Equity, Access and Deployment program. Added to $400 million in local funds and an initial outlay of $100 million, we continue to make progress in closing the digital divide in Puerto Rico with initiatives such as the @PRSmartIsland program. This investment in broadband infrastructure will allow more people throughout the Island to have access to reliable high-speed internet services and have equal opportunities to access information, education, job opportunities and government services online.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee: “Thank you @POTUS for investing in Rhode Island through the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment Program. We are proud to receive $108,718,820 to continue [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee: “Tennessee has made strategic investments in broadband infrastructure to ensure that our rural communities are connected and have every opportunity to thrive, and we trust that ECD will manage these grant dollars effectively to continue serving Tennesseans.”” [Article, 6/26/23]

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers: “I’m proud that no administration in state history has done more than we have to expand access to reliable, affordable high-speed internet. Thanks to this investment, we’ll be able to build on our progress in getting folks connected in every corner of our state.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]
Local Officials

Little Rock, Arkansas Mayor Frank Scott, Jr.: “This is a big deal for Arkansas! Thank you @POTUS! #BEAD Cc: @MitchLandrieu46.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Superior, Arizona Mayor Mila Besich: “This funding will be instrumental to keep all of Arizona’s economy growing and thriving. For small rural communities like Superior, having reliable internet not only helps connect our residents and grow our economy, it will be critical to public safety as well.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Warren, Rhode Island Town Manager Kate Michaud: “This is fantastic news! Now make it count. We can’t solve the problem with the same thinking that caused the problem. I’m confident that the team at @CommerceRI has the ability & the will to make ours the most accessible, affordable, transparent & reliable broadband in the US.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

League of Arizona Cities and Towns: “Today’s announcement is great news for Arizona, our 91 cities and towns, and residents across our great state. This money will provide opportunities for cities and towns to support broadband availability and adoption in their communities that will help close the digital divide and ensure rural, suburban, and urban communities have equal opportunity to access and afford high-speed internet. In conversations with mayors and city and town managers across the state, whether it’s for economic development, educational purposes, or just personal access, the need for high-speed internet access has been a common refrain. We look forward to collaborating with our state and federal partners on putting this money to good use to benefit our residents.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

League of Minnesota Cities: “This is another step in ensuring that all #MnCities homes and businesses have access to reliable broadband.” [Tweet, 6/26/23]
Tribal Leaders

Speaker Crystalyne Curley of the 25th Navajo Nation Council: “High-speed internet access is becoming a greater need throughout all tribal communities in the state of Arizona. The funding will be very beneficial for first responders, students, businesses, and many others on the Navajo Nation. We look forward to working with Governor Hobbs and the state agencies to ensure that tribal nations maximize the benefits of the NTIA funding.”  [Statement, 6/26/23]
State Legislators

Tennessee Representative Caleb Hemmer: “Thanks @POTUS for over $813 million for Tennessee to bridge the digital divide and provide broadband access to those in need!” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Virginia Senator Jennifer Boysko: “As Chair of the Broadband Advisory Council in 2022, I worked with  @MarkWarner in anticipation of these new grant funds for #broadband so that Va could harness the maximum amount possible. We’re receiving $1.5 BILLION! #WorkingTogether  @VASenateDems @RepSpanberger @MarkWarner” [Tweet, 6/26/23]

Virginia Delegate Irene Shin: “This is HUGE news for VA. With this historic investment in broadband infrastructure, not only are we going to ensure that Virginians in every corner of the Commonwealth can get connected but also increase digital equity & broadband affordability for all!” [Tweet, 6/26/23]
Telecom Industry Groups:
Wireless Infrastructure Association President and CEO Patrick Halley: “Now, the focus on implementing the largest ever government investment in broadband expansion transfers to the states. Through the deployment of next generation wireless and fiber networks, supported by targeted investment in workforce development programs and smart permitting policies, every state in America has a generational opportunity to connect communities that need it most.” [RCR Wireless Article, 6/26/23]

Senior Vice President & Chief of Staff, Computer & Communications Industry Association Stephanie Joyce: “We appreciate the commitment that Congress and the Biden Administration have made to working together to deliver high-speed broadband access to more Americans. This funding brings states closer to making broadband buildout a reality. This connectivity brings better access to information and economic opportunities for Americans while paving the way for companies across industry sectors to continue innovating.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

Jonathan Spalter, President & CEO of USTelecom – The Broadband Association: “This announcement is a very big deal. Today, we take a vital step forward toward making the goal of internet for all a reality in our nation. All of us in the broadband community applaud the Administration, and in particular Assistant Secretary Alan Davidson and the entire NTIA team, for their tremendous efforts. Now the states turn to the important work of implementing their grant programs and we will continue to work with them to bring broadband to everyone.” [Statement, 6/26/23]

America’s Communications Association Connects CEO, Grant Spellmeyer: “With today’s funding allocations, the Biden Administration has taken another major step in bringing high-performance broadband to all Americans. The ball is now in the States, and ACA Connects Members – who already offer wireline broadband service to millions of households, including in rural communities – are eager to work with them to fulfill the promise of the BEAD program.” [Article, 6/26/23]

President and CEO of the Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association, Todd Schlekeway: “Today is another milestone step in the process to ready the states and territories for the deployment of this generational BEAD funding investment.” [Article, 6/26/23]

Texas Cable Association: “We look forward to working with state leaders to ensure unserved and underserved communities are prioritized for connectivity and that strong guardrails are established to protect these investments from wasteful abuse.” [Article, 6/26/23]


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