Under Secretary Fernandez’s Travel to New Mexico

Under Secretary Fernandez’s Travel to New Mexico

Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Jose W. Fernandez will travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 31, to participate in the United States-Spain Forum XXVII,  where he will join a panel for Session III, “The Clean Energy Technology Transition: Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change and Drought on Trade, the Economy, and People.”

During forum discussions, Under Secretary Fernandez will underscore U.S. commitment to avoiding the worst potential impacts of climate change while promoting economic growth, through advancing international policies and partnerships on energy, agriculture, the ocean, the environment, and science and technology. He will also discuss ways the Department is working with local leaders on climate and the environment to strengthen partnerships and create competitive opportunities for American citizens and businesses.

The Under Secretary will also engage with private sector leaders at the forum to learn about opportunities and challenges for U.S. companies in order to provide commercial advocacy abroad.

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