THEO Presented SS22 for NYFW

THEO Presented SS22 for NYFW

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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th 2021, THEO Presented S22 Collection for NYFW

THEO spring22 co-ed collection has one task-to limit oneself to the essentials, so that design starts to work. To interact with body, space and potential. After soaking in the fundamental societal shifts and new aesthetic norms, to armor with visual impressionism and create clothing deliberately stripped off of insta-appeal. Wide strokes, narrow specialities. Detail. Simplify.

THEOs signature gender-fluidity in the new season is not to dilute frameworks, but to accentuate two polarities and tensity that arises in-between. To distinguish specific features of male and female body, emphasize them, not try to change them. Go one step ahead, the obvious solution. Exclude instagrammability.

To allow the dresses to sabotage, behave in the most bold, unusual, daring way. To combine the incongruous-simplicity of a dot and elusiveness of landscape that was digitally distorted up to the point of being unrecognizable. To give freedom to the formal suits of being categorical. To ease up the severe outlook of British three-button jackets through the use of fluid crepe-de-chine, ultra-soft cotton and pants rebelliously cut via jeans patterns. To find a special approach to denim in spring22-let it be elegantly exquisite, fill up the space with carefully honed simplicity-just as the presence of a perfectly well-mannered person does in a room. And without further detailing and courtesy-to release the potential of knitwear to fuse, blend and merge with the body.

Sterile stylism. Balanced differences.


Fabrics:Outerwear: Japanese nylon taffeta, Japanese cotton twill

Denim: sun-dried, stone-washedSportswear: Japanese breathable seersucker

Dresses: semi-sheer crepe, light crepe-de-chine with lurex thread, jacquard crash-chiffon, satin