Meler Productions – our new partner

Meler Productions – our new partner

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Meler Productions – our new partner

Who is Meler Productions?

More than 10 years of Experience

Meler Productions brings together a fantastic group of experts focused on Event Management, International Branding, Cross-Industry innovation, and Strategy Development. We are based in Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

The Founders are Fionna Wong originally from Hong Kong, and Laurent Meler from Marseille, France. And this is where comes from the unique style of our company, a multicultural fusion.

Each of our clients and projects are custom-tailored based on the needs and objectives of each. We are responsive, nimble, and flexible to the ever changing dynamics of business, and can react quickly to the needs and demands of our partners.

We are a solution and results-oriented with a client-centric approach to service. Meler Productions evaluates the goals, the target audiences, and the budget/time allowances to develop a highly strategic and results-oriented plan. In a world of retweets, shares, likes, views, followers, events, and marketing campaigns hit the fast track to billions of impressions because of social engagement, thats where measurement comes from it. It is important for us to analyze all this data about consumer behavior in order to facilitate the return on investments and your business plan.

Meler Productions founders make this company the Strategy builder that goes where no brand has gone before, we accept the challenge and we are ready to shake the world. With Meler Productions you will Experience the difference, we believe each brand was born to stand up.