Interview with Stephen Kerm – PAVILLON NEUF

Interview with Stephen Kerm – PAVILLON NEUF

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Interview with Stephen Kerm – founder and designer of the French brand PAVILLON NEUF

100% Made in France.

Today we want to introduce you a young, but already well know and beloved by many lovers of stylish and high-quality clothing – brand PAVILLON NEUF.


The founder and designer of the brand Stephen Kerm usually prefers to remain hidden for the press, but for the readers of our magazine, he agreed to give an exclusive interview in his showroom, located in the heart of Paris, just a few meters from the Eiffel Tower.


The outfits of this brand can often be seen in such popular and beloved shows as Voice France, Destination Eurovision, The children of TV, Dancing with the stars and many others. Also, without even knowing it, you might have seen his clothes in various French music videos and films. 

The fact that each piece produced in very limited edition, plus strict quality control throughout the entire production stage and yes, everything is made in France, makes the brand even more attractive.


After all, it is not for nothing that celebrity stylists often buy clothes from him for their star clients such as Jamel DEBBOUZE, HATIK, DJ SNAKE, BOOBA, YAZZ.

– Tell us something about yourself and your company?


– My path to the world of fashion was not easy. To begin with, I’m a self-taught designer. 

I still remember my first piece, which I created when I was 17 years old. 

Those time I sewed everything, literally, by hand – without a sewing machine. My sister was my muse and a model.


My parents did not wanted to see my future in the fashion industry and strongly advised me to change activities and get a more practical education in order to have a good and stable job in the future.

I agreed with them, but never gave up my passion for the fashion design. My love only grew and became stronger and stronger every day. I was willing to give up everything in order to create my own brand and breathe life into my creations.