INF Presented SS22 Collection for NYFW 2021

INF Presented SS22 Collection for NYFW 2021

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INF was founded by independent designer Kuo Wei, who was born in Taichung and graduated from the Fashion Design Institute of Shih-Chien University from Tai-wan. This is the second time Kuo Wei has been selected for the official New York Fashion Week. After entering the schedule list by following a fashion micro-film with the theme of Gay Love and Taiwan General Store in February this year, and performed by Golden Horse best actress Chen Shufang at New York Fashion Week, this season Kuo Wei also challenged the scale again by shooting another fashion film by thrilled and suspense element, combines fashion and grotesque. The full feature film will be premiered at the INF brand 22SS runway at historical house Lin An Tai. The scene of the story in the play switches between the Yin and Yang worlds. In the play, the actor Li Kangsheng lost his son and took the car as his home. He constantly seeks the help of his shaman (played by Nadow Lin) and looks for meeting his beloved son by Gun lu yn. Sadly, but still can’t let go of the hatred to the man who killed his son (played by Erek Lin). The story revolves around the interaction and resentment between the three.

The theme of INF SS22 is Gun. Gun lu yn is Taiwanese traditional necromancy.

INF 22SS [Translate. Gun lu yn] Inspired by the concept of translation and conversion, “translate 2D into 3D, humans into souls, hates into loves”; through translation and conversion, let We have learned to look at things from different angles. The essence of an event is not so absolute. In the process of translation and conversion, we have also obtained some unexpected gains. It is different from the little luck in life, but a more macroscopic and open-minded perspective. The details are sampled from elements such as early local folklore and monsters in Taiwan, and crossover with the most famous domestic animation directed by Wang Xiaoli-Grand Mother & Her Ghost, which will be re-entered into theaters in December this year in Taiwan, using the cool characters in the play. Kuro (the cat), Xiao-bian (the snake), Apple (the soul of a little girl holding a doll) as materials, and using the film editing skill “Montage”, which combines the handwriting strokes to create a full-pattern and colorful clothing print.