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Les Sorbier

Pices uniques Haute Couture Hiver 2021-2022

L Esprit des lieux


Loeil de la Relique Sainte Zo
Laurent-Stphane Montfort / Franck Sorbier – Extraits film LEsprit des lieux -Chaalis

The Servant, the Ferryman and the Relic

The title sounds like a philosophical fable, a dreamlike tale, a belief shared by believers from all walks of life. But he speaks, above all, despite his backward references, of an increasingly hot topicality on the subject of wealth and poverty. Some time ago, the magazine  LHistoire  had the headline  The Rich and the Poor, 1000 years of inequality . Far from me the idea of any morality or a trial of intent. I must admit that I had a lot of trouble choosing the direction of this collection. To be honest, I didnt want to choose and each character finally found its place.` The Servant, the Ferryman and the Relic. The Servant embodies a girl of the woods, glades and ponds. A peasant woman who evolves in a bucolic universe which translates my desire for stripping back. A pauperism inspired by a series of photographs by artist Jackie Nickerson who photographed farm workers in Zimbabwe in 1996, and who emphasized the unique and beautiful clothes that the workers themselves made up. A foolproof identity, individuality and modernity. The silhouettes appropriate the traditional influences of Europe but having washed them of any coloristic folklore. Francisco de Zubarn, a great Spanish Baroque painter and his compatriot, Jos Ortiz Echage, photographer, follower of pictorialism, also accompanied me in this quest for authenticity. White, ecru, ivory, beige and greige make up the range of models. A skirted Romanian dress is the basis of the history of the Handmaids outfits. We then come to ennoble by layering capes, raincoats, vests, short jackets, shawls …