Day 1 – Keva J Swimwear and Kino Swim. Miami Swim Week

Day 1 – Keva J Swimwear and Kino Swim. Miami Swim Week

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Miami Swim Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion Day 1. 

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Kino Swim opened the second show of the night with a collection brimming with bright colors and gravity-defying cuts. Keva J Swimwear showcased their latest line of size-inclusive, strappy swimsuits and coverups.

Keva J Swimwear was started for the woman who wants to be different and stand out. While going on a cruise with her friends Keva J searched for swimwear that was different and spoke to her style. In shopping she noticed that everything looked the same. Nothing stood out! This is where Keva J Swimwear was born! She wanted to give women a unique selection of styles that spoke to who they are. While developing her line, Keva J noticed a common problem most women were having. Women that were curvy were not able to find fashionable swimwear that fit right and supported a heavier bust. So she sought to create designs that did just that… support any size bust and help accentuate the positives. If you are a size 2 or a size 14, we have something for you that will fit and make you feel beautiful! Our motto is: Same Suit, Different Size, Same Slay! Designer: Keva J

Kino Swim Founded in 2016 out of the crystal blue waters and sandy shores of Miami Beach, Kino Swim brings a refreshing twist to swimwear. The word Kino creates a foundation of beauty in itself as it derives from a botanical gum that is produced by varieties of tropical plants, and used as an astringent and for tanning. Kino Swim proposes a line of swimwear that is inspired by confidence and beauty, from sustainable options to timeless pieces designed to last, all while giving you the most daring but flawless cuts made with Italian fabrics. All pieces are designed and manufactured by women in Miami, Florida. Designer: Lauren Kay Clancy