Celebrity favorite designer, Mercedes Brunelli!

Celebrity favorite designer, Mercedes Brunelli!

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Mercedes Brunelli is a designer of handcrafted one-of-a-kind masterpieces. She creates edgy, elegant, powerful and classy pieces for women looking to make a statement. Her unique talents caught the eyes of the daytime Emmy’s, the Oscar’s, the Golden Globe’s and the Grammy’s. Now her designs are in the hands of numerous celebrities, actors and artists.

24FASHION.TV: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer?

Mercedes Brunelli: I had a love for fashion and art from a very young age, I was constantly creating. Growing up I remember going to second hand stores picking out the most crazy and unique pieces they had and taking them apart to create my own designs. 

How did you start?

So many ways! I went to school for fashion design thinking that was the most logical way to pursue a career in fashion. Like most, I wanted to create beautiful and extravagant couture Runway pieces. Quickly learning that does not pay the bills when graduating in 2012, and could not find work in the field (was told I was too creative). Took a job as a fine jewelry sales associate to later being asked if I would be interested in creating a handbag line for the store, and boom that evolved into the Mercedes Brunelli brand.

Mercedes Brunelli and American singer Dolly Parton holding a customized for her clutch “Butterfly”

Where do you usually find creative inspiration?