SWAG Annual Trending Hashtag Revealed

SWAG Annual Trending Hashtag Revealed

Users Around the World All Favor This Lady

TAIPEI, Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Taiwan-based SWAG, the largest adult live streaming platform in Asia, has unveiled its 2023 YEAR IN REVIEW, showcasing SWAG’s most popular creators, trending hashtags, and user visit duration records. The statistics reveal that the most popular creator is @ladyyuan, with one in four of the platform’s population having watched her. Additionally, the hottest keyword of the year is “schoolgirl,” and the nation with the “longest-lasting” online duration is Malaysia, averaging 7 minutes and 2 seconds, which is 9 seconds above the global average.

Since 2022, SWAG has been releasing annual reports at the beginning of each year, concluding the most popular creators, trending content, and growth data of the previous year. The stats for 2023 indicate that the No.1 of the platform, @ladyyuan, remains the most beloved creator, securing her throne for the third year consecutively, with one in four of the platform’s whole population having watched her live streams or videos.

The rising newcomer with the fastest growth in 2023 is @neinei_chen, who joined the platform after her on-base sex tape got leaked. With outstanding personal charm and buzz, her debut stream attracted 60,000 live viewers, setting the record for the highest viewership in a single live stream in 2023.

This year, among SWAG’s 168 hashtags, “Schoolgirl” overtakes “Bigboobs” for the first time, becoming the hottest keyword of the year with a 311% increase in search volume. While “Bigboobs” retreated to second place, the rankings for third to fifth have shuffled fiercely, with “Creampie” (+4), “Threesome” (+13), and “Milf” (+16) chasing behind.

SWAG also analyzed user behavior during holidays, revealing that full-day traffic on Qixi Festival grew by 25% to 173% compared to regular days. Surprisingly, the holiday with the least user action online was the Mid-Autumn Festival, with a decrease of 20% to 30% compared to the average.

Also, by analyzing the average time duration of visits by users from different countries, Malaysia takes the lead as the “longest-lasting” country, with an average stay of 7 minutes and 2 seconds, surpassing the global average by 9 seconds. The data shows that Malaysian users’ average visit lasted 25 seconds longer compared to 2022, while Vietnam maintains its position as the country with the “Clearest Mind” for the second consecutive year, with approximately 5 minutes and 40 seconds as their average visit duration.

In terms of creator growth data, SWAG introduces the “fan clock” for the first time, revealing that every 8 seconds, a creator gains another new fan on the platform. About 7.3% of new creators can earn nearly $35,000 in just 95 days after debut on average, while creator H became the new creator with fastest earnings by reaching such a milestone in merely 10 days.

Further analysis of content types reveals that creator M, a Taiwanese Internet celebrity with diversified content, had once earned $1,500 in revenue within 48 hours by simply sharing a story. Creator N, who specializes in chat and companionship, secured her title of the “Chatter Queen” of 2023, while she generated over $450,000 in revenue solely through text messages. Despite streaming less frequently, she earned over $26,000 in a rare 4.5-hour live stream at the beginning of 2023, making it the top earning live content on SWAG for the year.

《2023 SWAG Year in Review》

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