Neurohacker Collective® Advances The Frontier Of Premium Gut Support With Qualia Synbiotic

Neurohacker Collective® Advances The Frontier Of Premium Gut Support With Qualia Synbiotic

CARLSBAD, Calif., July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — There is widespread agreement within the science and medical communities that gut health has a massive impact on overall health. But until now, gut health products have usually supported only a small fraction of overall gut health functions, or have required time-consuming regimen of several products to adequately support the totality of gut health.

The vast technical considerations necessary to support the entirety of human gut health were factored into the creation of Qualia Synbiotic ; a brand new groundbreaking formula from the science team at Neurohacker Collective designed to offer the broadest support for gut health ever accomplished in just one product . It blends 28 gut-supporting superfoods into one flavored (or unflavored) scoop that can be added to a glass of water for full spectrum gut support. It’s also a shelf-stable product requiring no refrigeration. And to understand why such a comprehensive ingredient list was necessary, first consider all that science now attributes to gut health.

Approximately 70% of the human immune system is located in the gut. And the gut contains roughly 100 million neurons, forming a two-way communication system with the human brain known as the gut-brain axis, which prominently enhances both mood and cognitive function. This is separate and apart from the gut’s relationship to nutrient absorption, bone health, and even how well humans age. The notion that gut health is only relevant to digestive health is outdated thinking from a bygone era.

“Most gut health products are simply not formulated to account for all that was considered in creating Qualia Synbiotic,” states Neurohacker Collective CEO James Schmachtenberger. “We’re aiming to end the poor choice consumers have always had between easy gut support that’s incomplete, or complete gut support that’s complicated and requires many products.”

In addition to annoying multi-product regimens required in the past for full gut support, many gut health products have also lacked basic scientific understanding in what is needed to meaningfully optimize gut health. For example, a very specific type of probiotic (called a psychobiotic), is ideal for supporting the gut-brain axis, but rarely is included in most formulas. There’s also certain resistant starches that best support “keystone species” of a healthy gut, such as Akkermansia, but that too is often overlooked in various gut health products. Additionally, many probiotics are non-spore-forming, and hence not nearly as useful to gut health as implied. And many gut health products lack postbiotics, which are bioactive compounds produced during fermentation that play an important role in a healthy gut ecosystem. On top of all these typical gut health product issues, many require refrigeration or have very short shelf lives.

“Our science team put in extraordinary research and exhausting work to achieve such a comprehensive formula in a single scoop of drink mix which is also shelf-stable,” adds Schmachtenberger. “The number of common formulation shortcomings regarding gut regimens that Qualia Synbiotic addresses has our science team thrilled at the market potential of this product.”

Early endorsers of Qualia Synbiotic include New York Times bestselling wellness author Dave Asprey, as well as endurance athlete legend and biohacking celebrity Ben Greenfield, along with a cadre of medical professionals set to make Qualia Synbiotic a common recommendation among influential health professionals.

It also represents one of the first drink mix options from Neurohacker Collective, who’ve made their reputation over the last decade as a maker of premium capsule-form health products. “We’re thrilled to be expanding our portfolio into food-form and drink-mix options for consumers who have an aversion to supplement or capsule products,” adds Schmachtenberger. “We’ll deliver the same discerning formulation standards we apply to any supplement product into these other forms of products to come, and this will provide enormous wellness value to consumers who want the bonus of great tasting options when choosing their health products. Qualia Synbiotic is just the beginning in diversifying how our products show up in the market.”

Qualia Synbiotic hit the market in late June, and is available throughout the United States and several other countries worldwide, both online and in select brick and mortar stores. The Qualia product lineup continues to grow since Neurohacker’s founding in 2015, with additional products expected to be released over the next year for various other health needs.

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