The largest and fastest-growing creator-built streaming service announces its latest expansion into news with “Nebula News” in partnership with TLDR as well as its new slate of originals.

NEW YORK, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On the heels of being listed as one of Fast Company’s 2024 Most Innovative Companies, today Nebula, the top independent creator-built and creator-operated premium streaming service, announces its new slate of both scripted and unscripted originals, as well as its latest venture into fact-based news content with Nebula News.

As Nebula has shifted its focus to developing more powerful and compelling originals over the past year, it has also charted a new chapter in its growth expanding its library of scripted series and films. Earlier this year, Nebula announced the development of its latest original short film Dracula’s Ex-Girlfriend, created by top digital creator Abigail Thorn of Philosophy Tube — the announcement was met with much excitement and anticipation from both fans and industry insiders alike.

Spanning the gamut from documentary films to dark comedic dramas, the latest slate of originals will include projects from DC Pierson, Tom Nicholas, Patrick Willems, the creators of Jet Lag: The Game, and more. Thrilled about this latest announcement, CEO Dave Wiskus said, “Our dream for Nebula has always been to be both a home for creators and a proving ground for them to develop skills and connections to carry them into the future. The team has spent the last year gearing up for this moment, and I’m excited to start showing what we’re really capable of.” Full list of Nebula Originals including credits may be found below.

Today, Nebula will also be launching Nebula News with TLDR’s Jack Kelly at the helm as news director. With dedication to truth and thoughtful journalism at the core of this new joint venture between Nebula and TLDR, this content expansion will feature original content from the TLDR team as well as timely originals that will offer thoughtful context and analysis for the torrent of news stories that flood news waves and social media, with an emphasis on fact-focused scrutiny. Kicking off the Nebula News originals will be War Room, a new project from seasoned digital creator RealLifeLore that takes a dive into the current status of major conflicts taking place across the globe.

“TLDR has been working with Nebula for a couple of years now, and I’ve been consistently impressed by Nebula’s commitment not only to the creator community but also to creating the best experience and product for Nebula viewers,” said Jack Kelly. “So, when I was approached to head up Nebula’s new News product, I knew it was the ideal opportunity to bring even more high-quality journalism to Nebula subscribers.”

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Nebula’s Originals Slate

The Getaway
About: A brand new Nebula Original series from the producers of Jet Lag: The Game.
Format: Reality Competition Series
Creator: Wendover Productions
Director: Sam Denby
DP: Valentina Vee
Executive Producers: Sam Denby; Dave Wiskus; Trenton Waterson

About: From Tom Nicholas, a feature-length documentary about our aging political leaders, told with his trademark humorous bent.
Format: Feature Documentary
Creator: Tom Nicholas
Director: Tom Nicholas
Producers: Dave Wiskus; Trenton Waterson

The Baltimore Scandal
About: The true story of a feud between two researchers which threatened to take down a Nobel Prize winner, from Kevan MacKay (BobbyBroccoli).
Format: Feature Documentary
Creator: BobbyBroccoli
Director: Kevan MacKay
Producers: Dave Wiskus; Trenton Waterson

Pigment of Your Imagination
About: A docuseries about color, from Sarah Renae Clark. Each episode will explore another surprising facet of how color shapes our reality. Featuring guest appearances and interviews with experts.
Format: Limited Series
Creator: Sarah Renae Clark
Director: Sarah Renae Clark
Executive Producers: Dave Wiskus; Trenton Waterson

The Dinner Plan
About: From director Patrick Willems, a short horror film about a guy trying to make it through a stressful dinner party at his boss’s house.
Format: Dark Comedy Thriller Short Film
Creator: Patrick Willems
Director: Patrick Willems
Producers: Dave Wiskus; Trenton Waterson

Lets Table This
About: Created by DC Pierson (Derrick Comedy), a sketch comedy show about sketch comedy shows. A group of comedians (and a rotating celebrity host) sit around the dinner table telling stories and trying to make each other laugh.
Format: Sketch Comedy Series
Creator: DC Pierson
Director: TBD
Executive Producers: DC Pierson; Dave Wiskus; Trenton Waterson

Wonder of It All
About: An all-new podcast wherein former Harvey Danger frontman Sean Nelson interviews people whose careers were largely defined by one early, conspicuous success.
Format: Biography Podcast Series
Creator: Sean Nelson
Host and Executive Producer: Sean Nelson
Executive Producers: Dave Wiskus; Trenton Waterson
Featured guests: Adam Duritz, John Hodgman, DC Pierson, Jacob Slichter, Lena Hall

About: Lola Sebastian’s investigative journalism podcast, exploring the scandal that rocked her school.
Format: Investigative Podcast Series
Creator: Lola Sebastian
Executive Producers: Dave Wiskus; Trenton Waterson

War Room
About: From the RealLifeLore team, War Room will provide context and updates over time for major conflicts taking place across the globe — expanding on RealLifeLore’s wildly popular Modern Conflicts series.
Format: Geopolitical Conflict Series
Creator: RealLifeLore (Joseph Pisenti)
Executive Producers: Joseph Pisenti; Dave Wiskus; Graham Haerther

About Nebula
Launched in 2019, Nebula is both the largest and fastest growing creator-built premium streaming service. The success of the indie platform has been built upon the pioneering premise that the future of the creator economy should belong to the creators, and that philosophy has led to the release of many hit exclusives and originals, including the extremely popular travel game show Jet Lag: The Game, the Shakespearian trans-coming-out story of The Prince, and the debut film from Patrick Willems Night of the Coconut. Nebula has successfully charted its own path in the streaming space since its inception — earning a reputation for being where creators go to develop premium content that wouldn’t be possible elsewhere. The video and podcast streaming service focuses on both intellectually nutritious topics and prestige fiction with a refreshing and trailblazing approach. Nebula has successfully broken the mold with 180+ creators who are not only instrumental in rounding out the platform’s library, but also in building the roadmap for the company’s daily operations and carefully curating its creator community. This past year alone, Nebula has more than tripled its direct subscriber base, and is second only to Netflix in customer retention. In 2024, the company was listed as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies.” Visit to learn more.

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