Joel McHale Joins the Doomlings Community…Sorta.

Joel McHale Joins the Doomlings Community…Sorta.

LOS ANGELES, July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Joel McHale delivers his dark sense of humor to the latest campaign for Doomlings, the delightful card game for the End of the World.

In their debut video together, McHale gives his own take on Doomlings talking points by declaring, “the only game I’m playing at the End of the World is called, ‘Free Stuff From Target.'” Get Doomlings here.

In a tongue-in-cheek send-up to celebrity spokespersons everywhere, the campaign focuses largely on the juxtaposition between real facts about Doomlings (“it has over 4000 five-star reviews”) and how Joel feels about them (“who cares? …the world has 8 billion people in it.”)

This marks the first celebrity endorsement for Doomlings, which launched on Kickstarter in 2021. “We wanted an honest campaign that was authentic to Joel’s voice,” says director Eric McCoy, who, along with his partner Justus Meyer, founded the brand. The script, written by McCoy and co-founder Chris Svehla, also relied heavily on Joel McHale’s impeccable improv experience, and comedic finesse delivered by editor Ray Boland.

After several biting takes on the game and its creators, the actor concludes, “I’m Emmy-nominated actor Joel McHale, and I like the money Doomlings paid me.”

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Doomlings is a delightful card game for the end of the world. It was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in 2021 by over 10,000 backers and raised over $1M in pledges and pre-orders, putting it in the top tenth of 1% of Kickstarter campaigns of all time. Today it’s been played in over 80 countries, and is available in 5500 stores, including Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble. Doomlings recently launched Overlush, the space’s first-ever Mystery Expansion for a tabletop game, as well as a line of plushies, as it continues to expand into a 360 degree multimedia brand. More at 

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