Wireless Data Storage NFC DataBanking Card

Wireless Data Storage NFC DataBanking Card


Introducing the Revolutionary Databanking Card: Unveiling in June 2023, a Cutting-Edge Fusion of 10TB Data Storage and Payment Capability


H.C.E.T. Technologies (“HCET”) and Blockchain Assets Management Group (“BAM”) Collaborate to Launch Innovative Paradox Card Drive (PCD) for Asian Market

Markham, [May 26, 2023] – HCET, a leading IT solution provider, and BAM, a digital assets management and renowned marketing company, are excited to announce their strategic partnership in establishing a joint venture company aimed at promoting and distributing the revolutionary Paradox Card Drive (“PCD”) in the Asian market. This collaboration brings together HCET’s expertise in IT solutions and BAM’s extensive marketing network to introduce a cutting-edge product that will transform the way data is stored, transactions are conducted, and digital assets are managed.

Mr. Sonata, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at HCET, expressed utmost satisfaction with the Paradox Card Drive during the testing phase. The product has demonstrated exceptional security measures and lightning-fast data transmission and storage capabilities. CTO Sonata believes that the PCD is now at the perfect stage for commercialization, with its outstanding performance meeting and exceeding expectations.

The PCD, a remarkable 10TB Data Card Drive, offers wireless data storage capabilities combined with the convenience of a NFC credit/debit card. This ground-breaking product opens up new possibilities for data management, providing users with a host of functions and applications. The PCD enables seamless wireless data transfer, secure storage, a secure e-wallet, and incorporates a new blockchain technology to enhance security and privacy.

BAM, as the marketing arm of the joint venture, will leverage its extensive network and expertise to promote the PCD across Asia. With a proven track record in strategic marketing campaigns, BAM is committed to raising awareness and driving adoption of the PCD. Through targeted promotional activities and strategic partnerships, BAM will position the PCD as a must-have device for individuals and businesses throughout the region.

The joint venture is currently in the process of obtaining a Money Service Business license, a crucial step towards launching the e-wallet business associated with the PCD. This license will pave the way for seamless integration of the PCD into the financial ecosystem, enabling users to securely store, transfer, and manage their digital assets.

To ensure easy accessibility, the PCD app will be available for download on both the Google Play Store and iPhone App Store. The user-friendly interface of the app will enable effortless interaction with the PCD, providing a seamless user experience.

HCET and BAM are thrilled to embark on this joint venture, poised to revolutionize the Asian market with the Paradox Card Drive. With its ground-breaking features and versatile applications, the PCD is set to redefine data management and empower individuals and businesses with secure and convenient digital transactions.

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About HCET:

HCET is a leading IT solution provider dedicated to developing cutting-edge technology solutions that empower individuals and businesses in the digital age. With a strong focus on data management and security, HCET aims to deliver innovative products that enhance efficiency and convenience.

About BAM:

BAM is digital assets management and a renowned marketing company specializing in strategic promotion and brand management. With a wide network across Asia and a proven track record in launching innovative products, BAM is committed to driving market adoption and raising awareness for the Paradox Card Drive (PCD).

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