Signals Announces an Integration With Google Ads to Optimize Marketing Performance

Signals Announces an Integration With Google Ads to Optimize Marketing Performance
Signals, a leading demand generation automation software that helps companies discover unknown ready buyers, has announced its integration with Google Ads, the search engine giant's pay-per-click advertising platform. This new integration will help marketers optimize their campaigns and improve performance through data-driven insights and automation.

The integration enables marketers to seamlessly connect their Google Ads account to Signals, allowing them to leverage the software's advanced analytics, machine learning, and automation capabilities to optimize their campaigns. By doing so, marketers and sales can save time and resources by targeting High Quality Leads to maximize the ROI of their campaigns. 

"Integrating with Google Ads is a major milestone for us," said Billy Bateman, Co-Founder of Signals. "We're excited to provide our customers with a powerful tool that will help them get more out of their advertising campaigns. This integration will allow them to leverage our advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to optimize their campaigns and drive better results." 

The new integration offers several benefits for marketers, including: 

  • Actionable insights: Signals provides real-time insights into campaign performance, allowing marketers to make data-driven decisions that can improve their campaigns. 
  • Automated optimization: The platform's machine learning algorithms automatically optimize campaigns based on performance data, saving marketers time and resources. 
  • ROI tracking: The platform tracks the ROI of campaigns in real-time, allowing marketers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and adjust them accordingly. 

The integration with Google Ads is just the latest addition to Signals' growing list of integrations, which includes popular platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zapier. "Our goal is to provide marketers with a comprehensive solution that makes their job easier and helps them get better results," said Bateman. "Integrating with Google Ads is a key step in achieving that goal." 

About Signals 

Signals is the first of its class as a Signal Marketing solution, that helps businesses create highly qualified leads through AI. This allows businesses to cut through the noise and better deploy their marketing automation and one-to-one sales motions. Signals is trusted and used by industry leading tech companies such as ObservePoint, OpenTable, DOMO, Pantheon, and more. Signals has helped their customers create highly qualified leads, by using AI to interpret the buyer's signals. Learn what your buyer's signals are today. 

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