Our B2B2C Launch Nears, Revolutionizing Interactions Across Industries

Our B2B2C Launch Nears, Revolutionizing Interactions Across Industries

UNITED KINGDOM, October 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Silence Speaks Unveils a New Era in Inclusive Communication with AI

Silence Speaks, an initiative driven by accomplished AI and data engineers based in the United Kingdom, is proud to announce a significant advancement in inclusive communication. This pioneering platform utilizes advanced technology to bridge the gap between sign language and text, offering a seamless interaction solution and reducing dependency on sign language interpreters for the global deaf and aphonic community.

In a world where over 70 million individuals rely on sign language for communication, Silence Speaks emerges as a solution to address the challenges faced by the deaf and aphonic community. This innovative platform aims to make essential services more accessible and facilitate participation in mainstream societal activities, ensuring that the hearing-impaired can lead a comfortable life and access their fundamental needs without hindrance.

At the core of Silence Speaks is the fusion of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This formidable combination empowers the platform to analyze and translate sign language into text effectively. The application of these technologies ensures smooth and efficient communication for individuals both online and offline, creating opportunities for underserved societal segments while enabling seamless collaboration for businesses.

Silence Speaks embarks on a mission with a dual purpose: to serve 70,000 British sign-language users by 2027 and to extend its reach to the 70 million global users in need of inclusive communication. This ambitious goal signifies a monumental step towards global inclusivity, aimed at eliminating barriers to effective communication.

Silence Speaks places great importance on collaboration and inclusivity. The initiative has established partnerships with renowned organizations such as the British Deaf Association and SET Squared. These alliances ensure that the application is not only accessible but also constantly refined through insights from experts who deeply understand the needs of the deaf community.

Silence Speaks actively invites British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters, contributors, and partners to join in the mission of enhancing communication tools. The ultimate goal is to create a platform that is technologically advanced and culturally and contextually relevant, offering a truly inclusive communication experience that caters to diverse needs and perspectives.

Silence Speaks is dedicated to taking inclusive communication beyond individual users. The platform seamlessly integrates its innovative communicative solutions into the operations of expansive B2B enterprises, ensuring inclusivity extends to the workplace and the broader business landscape. In academia, research led by globally-renowned university professors promises a future of limitless and inclusive communication.

Silence Speaks’ innovative journey is enriched by the active collaboration of intern students from various universities. These students contribute fresh perspectives and energy to the initiative. Additionally, discussions with numerous enterprises are ongoing to ensure that the application remains practical and effective in real-world scenarios, meeting the evolving needs of the deaf and aphonic community.

Silence Speaks’ transformative impact on inclusive communication has been acknowledged as one of the top 20 most promising companies in the UK. This recognition is a testament to the initiative’s innovative approach and the tangible difference it is making in the realm of communicative solutions for the deaf and aphonic community.

About Silence Speak

Silence Speaks is dedicated to a vision where every individual, regardless of their hearing abilities, can communicate, work, and live without barriers. This commitment ensures that no voice, whether verbal or non-verbal, goes unheard. Silence Speaks heralds a new era of inclusivity, one where the power of AI and human collaboration combines to amplify voices and create connections.

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Silence Speaks
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