Industry Leaders Launch NeXus Digital Group

Industry Leaders Launch NeXus Digital Group
A novel strategic consultancy with focus on marketing and technology

Industry Leaders Launch NeXus Digital Group
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NeXus Digital Group, a novel strategic consultancy focused on marketing and technology, announced its official launch today. NeXus Digital Group (NDG) is formed by several widely known & established industry executives & thought leaders. 

NDG provides C-Suite executives, at various stages of their business journey, access to strategic enterprise technology expertise and innovation that is leaner, agile, hands-on, and priced more responsibly than traditional consultancies. NDG's services will encompass five core areas: Business Strategy, Advisory Services, Customer Experience, Omnichannel Marketing and Technology Innovation. The company completed a successful soft launch of its business in 2022 to accelerate its formal launch, immediately gaining relationships with six diverse industry clients. 

NDG is headquartered in New York, with 50 globally based employees. 

"While many businesses might value advisory services from larger consultancies like Bain, Boston Consulting, Accenture, etc., for most clients it's impractical and unaffordable. NDG was founded to address this need expressly by providing critical access to industry thought leaders via a more affordable model and without unnecessary overhead," said Kieran Walsh, the co-CEO of NDG. "Events of the past few years have clearly illustrated the need for all companies - large and small - to be digitally savvy and proficient for both customers and employees. However, many still lack the appropriate digital knowledge and skill, or the human and financial capital, to compete effectively with their larger counterparts. That is where we help. Our advisory services and full-service, turnkey technology offerings help to accelerate these organizations to strengthen their competitive presence in the market and enable them to thrive."

Co-CEO Ken Winell said NDG's entrepreneurial business model, combined with its depth and breadth of experience, is a welcome benefit for many companies in today's unsettled business climate. "Many Private Equity and Hedge Fund managers tell us that there is a definitive need for a small and nimble firm to help businesses navigate digital transformation and omnichannel maturity, apart from the typically expensive Management Consultants. NDG was founded expressly to respond to these needs." 

Winell added, "More and more, our clients tell us they are wary of partnering with larger consultancies who take an engagement and then burden them with excessive, inexperienced staff, and bloated fees. NDG provides the best of all worlds to companies of every distinction: The skill and expertise of a large strategic consultancy, with the drive, focus and value of a boutique. The success of our soft launch validates the marketplace need and the opportunity that awaits." 

About NDG

NeXus Digital Group is a novel strategic consultancy and full-service provider that enables companies of every distinction to transform and accelerate their marketing and operations capabilities through enterprise-level expertise. NDG is partner-led, with deep cross-industry expertise representing over 100 years of combined business, marketing, and technology experience. NDG's services will encompass key areas of strategic consulting and digital transformation.

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