Gradeall’s Tire Recycling Machine Can Bale Up to 1000 Tires Per Hour

Gradeall’s Tire Recycling Machine Can Bale Up to 1000 Tires Per Hour

Tire Baler Conveyor

Tire Baler in Action

Tire Baler in Action

Tire Recycling Machine Specialists

Tire Recycling Machine Specialists

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Industrial Recycling Machines

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Gradeall Industrial Recycling Machines

Leading tire recycling equipment provider, Gradeall, has launched the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor adding to their collection of tire recycling machines.

Gradeall is an innovative and industry-leading manufacturer of tire recycling solutions, and the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor is the latest addition to our fleet of bespoke tire recycling machinery.”

— Gradeall International Limited

DUNGANNON, NORTHERN IRELAND, August 4, 2023/ — Industry-leading tire recycling manufacturer, Gradeall, has recently announced the launch of the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor. This machine will offer businesses the opportunity to streamline their waste tire disposal process, increasing their capacity to bale up to 1000 tires per hour, when paired with two MK2 Tire Balers.

This innovative development in tire recycling machinery will help tire recycling operatives increase efficiency and productivity whilst reducing the physical strain placed on their employees. As a global leader in tire recycling equipment, Gradeall has taken the time to listen to its customers’ needs, creating a machine that serves their operational needs.

What Industries Will Benefit From The Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor?

In the USA alone, approximately 300 million waste tires are generated; in Australia, it’s 459,000 tonnes of waste tires produced annually. This has led to a global issue of needing to efficiently process large volumes of this type of waste.

The Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor has been manufactured to allow businesses on the ground level to process waste tires more efficiently, increasing operational productivity and streamlining their tire disposal process.

This tire processing machine finds utility in several industries that generate a significant amount of waste tires. Check them out below.

Automotive Industry

Tire retailers, car manufacturers, and automotive service centers often accumulate a large number of used tires that need proper disposal or recycling.

Tire Retailer

Tire shops and retailers frequently encounter used or damaged tires that need to be recycled rather than discarded.

Fleet Management

Companies that operate large vehicle fleets, such as logistics, delivery, and transportation companies, generate a substantial volume of worn-out tires that can be recycled.

Waste Management and Recycling Facilities

Dedicated waste management and recycling facilities can benefit from this tire recycling machine to process the vast quantities of used tires they receive.

Construction and Demolition

The construction and demolition industries often produce discarded tires from heavy equipment, vehicles, and machinery, which can be recycled to reduce environmental impact.

Municipalities and Local Governments

Municipalities and local governments may require tire recycling machines to manage and recycle used tires collected through waste management programs or cleanup initiatives.

Agriculture Industry

Farms, agricultural operations, and rural communities often have a need for tire recycling machines. Agricultural vehicles, such as tractors, trailers, and specialized equipment, utilize tires that eventually wear out and need to be properly recycled.

Additionally, the large-scale nature of agricultural operations can generate a significant number of waste tires that need to be processed and recycled using tire recycling machines, such as the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor.

Gradeall Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor – Benefits of the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor:

The Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor is a streamlined solution for recycling operations; it is designed to enhance the tire recycling process and provide a strong return on investment. Check out the benefits of the new Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor below:

Reduced Physical Demands

As a leading supplier of tire recycling machinery, we listened to our customer’s concerns of the physical strain that is placed on their employees. The very process of bending forward and lifting over 100 tires per bale is physically taxing; it often leads to staff injury and fatigue, which results in operational downtime and increased business costs.

In order to address this concern, we designed and manufactured the Tire Baler Conveyor with the initiative to reduce the physical demand placed on operational employees. With load positioning at a waist-level height, operators are now able to conveniently load tires into bales, without having to physically over-exert themselves.

Increased efficiency

Loading a tire baler not only requires physical effort, but it is also a time-consuming task when searching for tires to load. Any time that is spent away from loading the baler is essentially wasted time; however, the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor serves as an innovative solution.

The Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with a pair of MK2 Tire Balers. The primary objective of this design is to guarantee that the balers are being consistently loaded, maximising productivity and profitability. Up to 1000 tires can be baled per hour, which serves to increase operational efficiency that is just not capable via manual baling.

Compatible with truckloads of tires

The Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor has also been manufactured to be compatible with truckloads of waste tires. With its modular design, it can be easily adapted to meet your operation’s specific loading method.

The tires are efficiently released from the side of a truck into the hopper, which is large enough to accommodate a truckload of tires. This removes the need for physical labour in transporting them, reducing the likelihood of injury to staff. Ensuring enhanced efficiency and operator safety has been embedded within every stage of manufacturing this machine.

Slip-free chain drive

The Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor is a chain-type conveyor driven by an electric motor. The tires are delivered directly to operators who are loading the tire baler. The chain itself is much stronger and less prone to wear than a belt.

The slip-free drive also ensures that the side-to-side belt roll-off that can happen to belt-driven conveyors does not occur, and with a foot pedal operating system, the conveyor delivers tires at a slow and safe speed before bringing them to a waist-level height for the operator to transport.

MK2 Tire Baler

Each bale of the MK2 Tire Baler contains around 95-110 waste tires. The benefits of this tire processing machine are doubled when used in tandem with the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor. The MK2 Tire Baler also reduces the volume of waste tires by 60-70%, which allows for better and more efficient transportation of waste tires.

Tire Recycling Machine Specialists

Gradeall is an innovative and industry-leading manufacturer of tire recycling solutions, and the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor is the latest addition to their fleet of bespoke tire recycling machinery.

Gradeall will also provide ongoing maintenance and servicing for this machine, ensuring that your operation is working to the best of its ability.

You can check out the full product description of the Inclined Tire Baler Conveyor, or alternatively, get in contact with the Gradeall team to discuss how it can be integrated within your operation.

About Gradeall International:

Gradeall International Limited is a world leading manufacturer of Tyre Recycling Equipment, Waste Balers, Compactors and other Specialist Equipment for the Recycling Industry.

Established in the mid 1980’s Gradeall have extensive experience exporting off the Island if Ireland supplying Waste Balers, Compactors and Tyre Recycling Equipment to over 100+ counties worldwide.

We design, build and support products that are used to process waste across many different industries including; Tyre Recycling, Distribution Centres, Manufacturing, Facility Management, Food, Healthcare, Hospitality & Leisure, Councils and Retail.

Waste materials that Gradeall Equipment Balers, Compactors and related machinery can process include, Tyres, General Waste, Paper/Cardboard, Plastic, Cans, Oil Drums and Paint Buckets, Polystyrene, Wood, Green Waste among other materials.

Our products are manufactured in our world class state of the art 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility on a 5 acre site in Northern Ireland. Our Manufacturing Facility is furnished with best in the industry Plasma Cutters, Press Breaks, Overhead Cranes, modern fabricating bays and fitting areas as well as a comprehensive stock holding of parts and consumables to keep our manufacturing lead times the keenest in the industry. The space on our 5 acre site allows us to demonstrate our World Class products with onsite Tyre, Cardboard, Plastic baling demonstrations occurring regularly for our customers who come to visit from around the world and carry intensive R&D to ensure our products are robust in a real life working environment.

Our Raw Materials are primarily bought from Irish and British Suppliers to ensure the best quality and traceability in our products and through the whole production process. Our engineering team has over 200 years combined experience. As the whole production process occurs under the one roof our team of engineers are highly flexible and innovative design improvements can be made and implemented rapidly ensuring we have the most technologically advanced products available on the market.

Our production colleagues at Gradeall are among the most highly skilled in the industry, our machine operatives, fabricators, electricans, fitters and finishing colleagues all have a passion for the recycling industry and actively take part in R&D to ensure our Tyre Recycling Equipment, Balers and Compactors are of World Class Quality.

We engage with customers through all stages of the product life cycle and have and extensive network of engineers worldwide to provide service backup and OEM spare and consumable parts. Our customer focused sales team have a combined 100+ years in the recycling industry and have a deep understanding of the Tyre Recycling Industry and waste baling/compacting industry to ensure our customers are getting the best advice and products to improve recycling processes at their business.

All Gradeall we have a network of after sales support engineers that have been built up over nearly 40 years of working in the waste recycling Industry. We keep our customers up to date with product improvements and offer service and preventative planned maintenance contracts for our products. Most of our machines can be logged onto remotely for health checks by Gradeall engineers for health checks no matter where it is located in the world. So whether our customer has a tyre recycling facility in Perth Australia, a Static compactor in a Supermarket in Santiago Chile, GV500 Baler in Los Angeles USA or a Tyre Sidewall Cutter in Dublin Ireland, every machine can receive the same level of support via our remote log on system.

Within our Tyre Recycling Equipment division we manufacture Car Tyre Balers, Truck Tyre Balers and Tyre Baler Conveyors, Portable Tyre Baling Systems, Car/Truck/OTR Sidewall Cutters, Car/Truck Tyre Rim Separators, Tyre debeaders and Tyre Shears.

Within our Waste Baler division we manufacture a range of Vertical Balers for all sorts of waste producing from 25kg bale up to 600kg bales. Our Horizontal Balers produce up to 700kg bales. We also manufacture specialist balers that are highly bespoke depending on the waste type, cloths balers, can balers and mattress balers.

Within our Compactor range we manufacture a range of Static compactors, Portable compactors and Pre Crush Compactors. All compactors are available with optional extras such as bin lifts, bespoke hoppers to suit manual loading (open top and fully enclosed hinge and sliding doors), tipping skip loading hoppers, conveyor loading chute systems and deck loading hoppers.

Within our Specialist Equipment range we manufacture a range of Tipping Skips, Compactor Containers, Waste Containers, Roll Packers, Glass Crushers, Conveyor Systems and Dewatering Systems.

Conor Murphy
Gradeall International Limited
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