Global Plastic Packaging Manufacturer Launches Child Care Benefits to Accelerate U.S. Growth

Global Plastic Packaging Manufacturer Launches Child Care Benefits to Accelerate U.S. Growth
TOOTRiS Child Care On-Demand and ALPLA partner to make Child Care more accessible to new and current employees.

Coming off a year with 27.5% sales growth, ALPLA, a world leader in innovative plastic packaging, announces a partnership with TOOTRiS to continue its forward momentum by providing Child Care benefits to its U.S. workforce. The family-owned company made the decision to support a significant need of their growing number of employees as it expands its production capacities and increases staff size. 

Effective immediately, ALPLA's team members will have access to TOOTRiS, the nation's largest, most comprehensive Child Care platform, enabling them to quickly search and vet nearly 200,000 providers in a unified platform to find care that fits their specific needs. The innovative company is the first and only to offer employers a comprehensive turn-key Child Care Benefits platform that shows real-time inventory of available openings at state-licensed Child Care providers, after-school programs, and extracurricular programs. The 24/7 access to TOOTRiS also helps increase productivity by allowing parents the freedom to work during standard and non-standard hours knowing their little ones are in quality early education and care programs. 

In addition, ALPLA will also be contributing toward employee monthly Child Care expenses to help reduce their financial burden. "As a company, we do everything we can to be a market leader, including how we support the growth and diversity of our workforce," said Tim Largent, HR Director, NA Manufacturing. "With parents struggling to find and afford Child Care, TOOTRiS provided a solution unlike anything we've seen before. Their platform allows our employees to become more engaged and productive while eliminating Child Care as a barrier to growth and equitable advancement. It also makes it easy for us to provide the additional financial support our working parents need for their kids." 

That help is needed to attract a new generation of workers. A study by the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte found that while the manufacturing industry is growing rapidly, the workforce is shrinking - and will continue to shrink with as much as a 2.1 million shortage of workers over the next decade. Offering Child Care benefits not only helps attract younger workers but also more women. 

"ALPLA has the acumen to know that recruiting and retaining talent takes offering benefits that support workers and their families," said Alessandra Lezama, TOOTRiS CEO and select member of the ReadyNation CEO Task Force on Early Childhood. "Younger workers, especially women, are the manufacturing industry's largest opportunity to find talent. By providing turn-key Child Care benefits, ALPLA is establishing a pro-parent environment that will attract a new generation of workers, increase productivity, as well as grow the equity and diversity of the company." 

About ALPLA 

ALPLA is one of the world's leading companies in the manufacture and reuse of plastic packaging. Around 23,300 employees worldwide produce custom-made packaging systems, bottles, caps, and molded parts at 190 sites in 46 countries. The high-quality packaging is used in a wide range of areas, including for food and drinks, cosmetics and care products, household cleaning products, detergents and cleaning agents, pharmaceutical products, engine oils and lubricants. ALPLA operates recycling plants for PET and HDPE in Austria, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Romania, and Thailand. Other projects are being realized elsewhere around the world. 

About TOOTRiS 

TOOTRiS is the nation's largest, most comprehensive Child Care network, with nearly 200,000 providers, making access to care convenient, affordable, and on-demand.  TOOTRiS' unique technology unifies key stakeholders, enabling employers to provide fully managed Child Care Benefits, so their workforce has the flexibility and family support they need while organizations seek to increase productivity and their ROI. Through the platform, TOOTRiS helps parents and providers connect and transact in real-time, empowering working parents to secure quality Child Care while allowing providers to unlock their potential and fully monetize their program. 

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