Double Gemini Launches the First Digital File Management Process to Improve Employee Productivity

Double Gemini Launches the First Digital File Management Process to Improve Employee Productivity
The Vision Method™ is a revolutionary digital file management technique compatible with any technology, learned through workshops and corporate labs designed to help employees get more done by eliminating digital clutter and the stress that accompanies it.

Double Gemini, the leading workplace productivity transformation company, announces the launch of the Vision Method™, a groundbreaking new training for organizing digital file systems. The Vision Method™ empowers individuals, teams and organizations to solve the age-old problem of how to create an organized file system that streamlines file management and is sustainable for the hybrid workplace.

"The workforce is experiencing the largest annual decline in productivity in nearly 50 years," said Double Gemini CEO and productivity scientist Prasanth Nair. "The challenges caused by lack of attention and collaboration are resulting in employees with fragmented minds who are burnt out and getting less work done. One of the major causes for this is poor file management. The Vision Method™ solves this by teaching employees how to build and maintain a file system that organizes their mind and accelerates their work."

The Vision Method™ can be learned through a two-hour training workshop and implemented quickly. It doesn't require new software or apps and works with all existing file system technology. The workshop teaches employees and organizations how to streamline and make digital file management systems more effective through best practices for structuring file systems and naming, versioning, labeling and sequencing files.

"Employers are finding themselves at an inflection point," says Nair. "They can no longer afford not to be productive. To thrive in the post-pandemic era, they must understand that their primary responsibility is to create environments that maximize individual attention and team collaboration. The Vision Method™ makes this possible by eliminating digital clutter, which eliminates mental clutter, freeing employees' minds to work on what truly matters."

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Established in 2000, Double Gemini designs productivity processes built to maximize individual attention and team collaboration. What differentiates Double Gemini is its focus on core productivity processes - file, email, meetings and tasks. Their groundbreaking solutions are delivered as transformative trainings and labs across five categories: File Management (Vision Method™), Email Management (Stack Method™), Email Etiquette (Pulse Method™), Time and Task Management (Zone Method™) and Meeting Management (Unite Method™). To learn more, visit

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