Clinic Effect is raising the standards in hair transplantation in Turkey

Clinic Effect is raising the standards in hair transplantation in Turkey

Clinic Effect – Hair Transplant Center

Clinic Effect - Before - After Hair Transplant

Clinic Effect – Before – After Hair Transplant

Clinic Effect - Hair Transplant Room

Clinic Effect – Hair Transplant Room

Clinic Effect in Istanbul offers high quality hair transplant procedures

ISTANBUL, FULYA DIST., TURKEY, May 27, 2023/ — More and more people suffer with hair growth throughout their lives, and to increase their confidence, they frequently undergo hair transplant procedures.
A natural-looking hair transplant in Turkey is not expensive, and it can help patients regain confidence in their hair.

Turkey is home to the amazing city of Istanbul, but the beautiful views and lovely weather aren’t the only reasons why Turkey is one of people’s top choices for a stunning hair transplant.

Istanbul’s renowned Clinic Effect specializes in advanced hair transplant procedures, offering effective solutions to combat hair loss and thinning.

Are hair transplant costs lower in Turkey than in the US and Europe?

Hair transplant prices in Turkey are much lower than in the United States and many other industrialized countries.

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey charge patients between $2,200 and $8,600 (national average), with Clinic Effect’s prices ranging between $1,300 and $3,500. The cost primarily depends on the treatment type, hair transplant method, and the number of grafts.

Still, it’s a tiny fraction of the cost in the US — between $12,400 and $18,900. Healthcare (including cosmetic procedures) in the US is among the most expensive worldwide, so these prices shouldn’t be surprising.

However, you don’t have to get a hair transplant in the US when you can save thousands of dollars in Turkey, getting high quality at an affordable price.

All-inclusive hair transplant packages at Clinic Effect

Clinic Effect provides all-inclusive hair transplant packages, which are ideal for overseas patients. You won’t have to bother about arranging a hotel or taking public transportation to and from the clinic. If you’ve ever been to crowded Istanbul, you realize how much of a relief that is.

The only cost of travel is a round-trip aircraft ticket. Here’s what’s included in the package:

● Online consultation with a thorough hair analysis and planning

● Accommodation at a nearby four- or five-star hotel

● Transfers from and to your chosen airport

● Transfers between the hotel and the clinic

● Pre-op blood work

● Hair transplant with the maximum number of grafts

● Mesotherapy

● Post-op meds, hair products, and protective headwear

● One-year online follow-ups

● Language interpretation services

● 30-year warranty

Clinic Effect is one of the few clinics that provides protective headwear as well as mesotherapy (both during and after surgery) to stimulate hair growth. It also offers needle-free anesthetic, which is not included in the package but is reasonably priced.

Advanced Techniques for Natural-Looking Results

Clinic Effect uses cutting-edge hair transplantation methods to get outcomes that seem natural. To achieve smooth and invisible hair restoration, the company’s trained surgeons use cutting-edge techniques like direct hair implantation (DHI) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Unmatched in Turkey with the Efffective Hair Transplant Method

Clinic Effect uses specialized surgical microblades and pens for this method, which are suitable for all hair follicles and skin types. These blades have varying widths, thicknesses, and lengths. The direction and angles of the incisions are given greater attention to achieve a natural and dense appearance. Consequently, with the hair transplantation procedure performed by Clinic Effect, the time to regain your natural hair is reduced to 6 months from 1 year using the effective hair transplant method, providing a guarantee of stronger hair growth.

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