Charlie Walk Interviews Advertising Guru Richard Kirschenbaum

Charlie Walk Interviews Advertising Guru Richard Kirschenbaum

Charlie Walk is a master interviewer and connector to the most influential people in the world.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 19, 2023/ — Charlie Walk is a master interviewer and connector to the most influential people in the world. The Walk This Way podcast has become a prime example of this, as Charlie has managed to delve into various industries, asking the right questions and providing insightful information for his audience to soak up. Charlie’s expertise in music has allowed him to approach each episode with an unprecedented sense of passion, exploring new topics with a fresh perspective. What sets Charlie apart is his ability to combine his knowledge and experiences with those of his extensive network of contacts, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind show that continues to captivate listeners.

In a recent episode, Charlie had the pleasure of speaking with the iconic advertising executive and CEO of SWAT, Richard Kirschenbaum. They discussed his journey, branding, and experiences in the advertising industry, where his branded campaigns made history. Their discussion was insightful and engaging, offering listeners a unique window into the world of business strategy, branding, and making brands famous.

Richard Kirschenbaum’s journey to success was a fascinating one. Starting out writing comedy for Joan Rivers and being paid just $8 per joke, he quickly realized that he needed to find a different profession if he wanted to make a living. He decided that advertising copywriting was the way to go and started out as a receptionist for an amazing woman named Lois Quarry, who was a writer for the Show of Shows with Sid Caesar and Woody Allen’s writing partner. From there, he worked his way up to an ad agency, where he had the opportunity to work with none other than Andy Warhol on a Pontiac ad campaign. Building on his experiences, Richard went on to open his own agency at the young age of 26. It’s clear that Richard Kirschenbaum’s journey to success was full of hard work, dedication, and a little bit of luck.

Charlie recognized the incredible success that Richard had achieved at such a young age. Having opened an agency that grew to employ 600 people and generate over a billion dollars in billing is no small feat. What was even more intriguing to him was the fact that Richard had achieved all of this at a very young age. Richard credited his success to being an honest person, but it was his experience as a copywriter that really set him apart. His talent for comedy writing shone through in his work, as evidenced by the now-famous Kenneth Cole ad that took the industry by storm overnight. The way in which he had found his way to get street experience was impressive and had clearly paid off in spades.

Richard Kirschenbaum continues to recount his journey to success, emphasizing his lack of a concrete strategy or plan. His approach, he explains, was simply to focus on producing great work and exploring new ideas. As a copywriter, Richard aimed to say things that had never been said before, breaking free from the mold and carving out his own unique voice.

Despite his humble beginnings as a receptionist, Richard never shied away from any task, no matter how menial. With a contagious smile, he tackled everything from coffee runs to carpet rolling and dry cleaning pick-ups. When he first sent out a bill for his agency, Richard was still living on his sister’s pullout couch, but he never gave up on his dreams. His hard work and perseverance paid off when he had the chance to work directly with the owners of Wynn, helping to create the brand that is so well-known today. Richard’s journey is a true testament to the American Dream and the power of determination.

Charlie Walk continued to ask questions and learn more about Richard Kirschenbaum’s experience in the private aviation space, where he created Wheels Up!, working with CMOs and entrepreneurs, and how his global connections and relationships helped further those opportunities. For those looking to gain a deeper understanding of Kirschenbaum’s career, the Walk His Way podcast is the perfect place to turn.

As the host of the Walk This Way podcast, Charlie Walk has curated a list of guests that touch on various industries, people, knowledge, and experiences. With each episode, the entrepreneurs expand their knowledge and learn from some of the brightest minds in business and various industries such as sports, entertainment, law, and more.

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