Alvaka Announces Water Cybersecurity Partnership With CalMutuals JPRIMA Insurance Administrator and Lloyd’s Coverholder

Alvaka Announces Water Cybersecurity Partnership With CalMutuals JPRIMA Insurance Administrator and Lloyd’s Coverholder
Alvaka, a national provider of Information Technology (IT) services, cybersecurity and ransomware recovery services, was selected to support this new and innovative critical infrastructure, water cyber liability insurance program

Alvaka, a global provider of cybersecurity defense, remediation, and recovery solutions, announces it has been selected by Allied Public Risk, LLC (APR) to provide critical software patching services for water-related entities seeking cyber coverage via the CalMutuals JPRIMA program underwritten by Lloyd's of London.

"We are thrilled to have participated in the complex process of creating this affordable and easy-to-understand program," said Kevin McDonald, CISO and COO of Alvaka. The program launched earlier this year and is fully operational. "Our partnership with Alvaka, CalMutuals JPRIMA, and Lloyd's of London is intended to provide insureds with safe, reliable, and trusted cybersecurity solutions," said Paul Fuller, CEO of APR and Lloyd's of London Coverholder. Fuller added, "This partnership has restored confidence and stability within the water sector."

"It is heartening to have been selected as the quality of service required to get the coverage. We have spent decades perfecting the reach, quality, and reliability of our critical patching services. This is a wonderful validation and opportunity to help secure this critical infrastructure sector," said Len Tateyama, Director of Engineering at Alvaka.

"Water-related entities are finding it difficult to get any, no less affordable, cybersecurity coverage," said Susan Allen, CEO of CalMutuals JPRIMA. "This program is designed to help increase cyber liability insurance quality, affordability, and availability for our members. Furthermore, by selecting Alvaka as the go-to partner for patching of critical systems, we are helping guide members to trusted solutions," Allen continued.

Alvaka has a proven track record of delivering high-quality cybersecurity solutions to customers across multiple industries. Alvaka is well equipped to meet the unique needs of the water sector. "It's true serendipity that the White House announced a more aggressive approach to National Cybersecurity Policy, with heavy emphasis on water and other critical infrastructure this past week. The partners in this program understand the critical nature of our work. We are ready to lead in securing our most precious resources," said Kevin McDonald. "There is much to do but we see this program and the new government thinking as a great step forward in protecting water and recycled water services," McDonald continued.

The company's critical patching services will help customers stay ahead of the curve and protect against the latest cyber threats. In addition to critical patching services, Alvaka will be working closely with CalMutuals JPRIMA to provide cyber outreach and education throughout California.

The selection of Alvaka is a testament to its proven track record and commitment to providing the highest level of service for its clients. This is a significant step forward in the company's mission to help organizations protect themselves against the ever-evolving threat of cyber-attacks.

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