$500,000 Dollars for Nursing Care for Just $100,000 In Cash

0,000 Dollars for Nursing Care for Just 0,000 In Cash

WESTBOROUGH, MA, USA, August 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Long Term Nursing care expense is the great fear of the baby boomer generation.

A Massachusetts firm has solved the Long-Term care puzzle for middle class Americans.

Legacy Financial Advisors Inc. in coordination with local legal professionals and the Legacy Insurance Brokerage has solved the crisis with a plan they call ECHIP, The Elder Care Health Insurance Plan.

The solution to the national crisis of escalating long term care cost for services can be achieved in 3 steps:
1.) Comprehensive legal documentation for loved ones to step in financially.
2.) Selecting the Medicare insurance plan that best suits your needs and situation.
3.) Purchasing a product for cash benefits if you need care.

With a plan in place and the strategy used by Legacy Financial Advisors, Inc., those families that would be devastated by nursing care expenses can reduce the outlay to a reasonable predictable amount.

This strategy takes just one thing, Planning and professional coordination.

Legacy serves as the central coordinator for all parties involved:
– Family members
– Investment Advisor
– Insurance Agent
– Legal professional
– Tax professional

For very reasonable fees Legacy organizes and coordinates all forms of the ECHIP plan for families over age 65. They can be reached at www.LFSadvisors.com or 800-427-9781 to speak with Heather Peterson to arrange a complimentary consultation. For career opportunities email Cathy Portanova at cportanova@LFSadvisors.com or give us a call!

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