Bronze Medal – Palm Sugar Rhum Bayon Distillery

Bronze Medal – Palm Sugar Rhum Bayon Distillery

Sugar Palm Tree – Knot Palm

Bronze – International Spirit Award

Palm Sugar Trees – Angkor Wat

Palm Sugar Rhum won Bronze at the American Distilling Institute’s 2022 International Spirits Competion. Another award for Bayon Distillery – Cambodia !

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PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA, May 19, 2022 / — Bayon Distillery wins a Bronze medal in the 2022 for its Palm Sugar Rhum.

This International Specialty Spirit is made by extracting palm sugar from the sliced flowers of the Borassus flabellifer palm (known locally as the K’not or Knot palm). The sap from this palm tree is normally boiled down and the solid sugar is sold worldwide in Cambodian, Thai, and Vietnamese stores for local dishes.

Cambodians and Thai’s climb to the top of these beautiful trees to collect the sap into bamboo vessels, but once it is on the ground we buy it immediately. We add yeast, begin fermentation, and transport the fermenting sap back to our distillery. It is the combination of the untouched natural sap, the yeast fermentation, and even some of the natural yeasts that give it’s earthy, grassy, notes. It’s profile is reminiscent of the Rhum Agricole made in the French Caribbean islands, where liquid sap is pressed from fresh cut sugar cane and fermented – rather than from molasses (a sugar cane byproduct) which is used in a standard Rum.

About Bayon Distillery

Bayon Distillery was formed by a Cambodian (Rattana Em – BS Engineering) and an American (Matthew Green-Hite – MBA Finance). Both have received training in the US; as well as on the job training from Master Distiller Daniel Ruiz (Brandywine Bay Distillery). These skills have now been trained into local distillers, using Western distilling skills and US / European style equipment.

The distillery went fully operational in February of 2019 – only to essentially be shut down in 2020 due to COVID 19 . May of 2022 will represent the return of full operations !

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Bayon Distillery
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How Palm Sugar is Extracted from the borallus flabillius palm (Palm Sugar Tree)

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