Slovenian edtech startup Sanderland aims to make learning English faster

Slovenian edtech startup Sanderland aims to make learning English faster


Edtech startup Sanderland has developed an innovative tool to help learners improve English language skills three times faster than traditional methods

LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA, June 4, 2022 / — Sanderland’s patent-pending innovation – English Pitch – is based on stimulation of the neural mechanisms in the human brain that control the comprehension, production, and acquisition of language.

Watching and listening to specifically designed scenarios, and then repeating aloud the sentences allows to quickly memorise the necessary commonly used phrases and new words in context. Practicing this in different ways develops verbal memory and the ability to reproduce the linguistic patterns effortlessly. At the next stage the learner makes the Pitch – an oral presentation, thus maximasing the speaking ability and enhancing fluency and confidence in speaking a language.

The product came as a response to the needs of the Ukrainian refugees, to help them with a free solution allowing to acquire the English language rapidly. It takes quite a lot of time to learn a language with most of the currently available programs, both offline and online courses, and even private classes. Most of them are reduced to monotonous exercises and lack the degree of effectiveness that most learners would aspire. So, English Pitch was created with the aim of considerably reducing the time spent on mastering the language.

The product was developed by ESL professors with more than 20 years experience in teaching English as a second language. Sanderland sees a massive opportunity to extend the power of English Pitch to a global audience, and it is preparing to launch similar courses for learners of German, Spanish and French languages. The product is highly scallable and can be used to teach any language.

Co-founders of Sanderland, educator-turned-entrepreneurs, sisters Amy and Karine Brutijan, strive for positive social impact, creating advanced learning tools to make quality education more accessible and inclusive. They are convinced that great edtech can only be developed by educators and edupreneurs, those with the domain expertise, who can identify learners’ needs and design tools that increase engagement and improve effectiveness of learning.

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