Quintillion Releases Guide Explaining the Middle Mile in Broadband

Quintillion Releases Guide Explaining the Middle Mile in Broadband

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quintillion has released a guide explaining what the middle mile in broadband is and its role in the internet. This guide helps people understand why improving the middle-mile in broadband is essential for better internet access in Alaska and other areas of the United States that lack sufficient broadband coverage.

Although many people need access to internet networks, nearly 1 in 4 households in the United States don’t have access to the internet in their homes. While many factors prevent people from gaining access, a lack of middle-mile broadband infrastructure is one of the significant reasons.

The guide explains how broadband is broken up into three network segments: the global internet, middle mile, and last mile.

The global internet network is the backbone of the internet. It’s how data from data centers travels across the world. Last-mile infrastructure is the endpoint of this data, such as people’s homes. Internet Service Providers (ISP) deliver last-mile service directly to consumers.

The middle-mile network is the segment of internet connectivity that connects the global internet network to the last-mile network. With an expansive middle-mile system, local ISPs pay backhaul providers to use and build off the infrastructure to extend services to individuals.

Creating better middle-mile broadband will allow people to have higher-speed internet. It will also allow underserved communities to gain access to the internet. These communities often rely on less affordable, low-speed, and low-bandwidth alternatives, but expanding middle-mile broadband will enable better access.

Consumers with poor broadband connections typically pay a high price tag for poor services. Low internet speeds can lead to people not having access to online activities such as streaming television, talking online, or shopping for products or services.

Having better middle-mile networks will ensure that internet connectivity is possible. It also has the potential to lower costs for consumers. Creating an extensive middle-mile broadband network will allow multiple ISPs to connect and create an affordable internet service market.

Quintillion is a middle-mile provider in the state of Alaska. The telecommunications company is the first and only provider to build a terrestrial and subsea fiber optic cable network in the Alaska Arctic, enabling high-speed internet for rural communities in Alaska and Arctic national security. Quintillion provides a wealth of information on its Resources Page to the community on upcoming projects and its impact, including industry news, media updates, and more. For more information on Quintillion’s network and future project, visit the Quintillion website.

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