AudioResin unleashes a new kind of NFT on the blockchain

AudioResin unleashes a new kind of NFT on the blockchain

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A preview of a SONUS NFT

The duo behind AudioResin unveils SONUS, an innovative series of soundbites available for purchase today

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2022 / — AudioResin – the enterprise passionate about empowering independent artists with the help of Web3 technology – is excited to announce the minting of 100 audiovisual NFTs, piloting a new model for musicians to be compensated for their creativity.

“Spotify, Apple, and YouTube simply aren’t supporting independent musicians to an acceptable extent. The world of NFTs provides an exciting new opportunity to empower artists creatively and financially. Our team is excited to be at the forefront of this artistic revolution.” – Austin McBride, AudioResin co-founder and musician, explains the vision.

McBride has partnered with Dallas-based coder and entrepreneur Nathan Bird to develop the concept. The goal is to help artists supplement the meager income available from streaming through the sale of newly minted NFTs and perpetual royalties from secondary sales as the token grows in value. The project is unique in dropping some of the first music-based tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain.

To test the waters for the concept, the team is collaborating with songwriter and Baylor University senior Ben Coleman. An aspiring producer with five-years experience in creating music, Coleman has composed a 50-minute set of electronic house music specially for the project. The original audio has been split into 100 thirty-second segments, each one minted as an audiovisual NFT and available for purchase now through the online marketplace Byzantion.

Streaming services have dominated the music industry in the last decade, but times are changing. Many independent artists are taking to social media to connect with listeners directly, but competition is fierce and the chances of making decent royalties from streaming alone remain slim. The team behind AudioResin, one that brings together experience from both the music and tech industries, knows there’s a better way – with NFTs providing a beacon of light in an otherwise tough environment.

To learn more about AudioResin and the SONUS collection, click here or find them on Discord.

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