Ukrainian-American Singer Kelsie Kimberlin Is On The Frontlines With Her New Song, “What We Had”

Ukrainian-American Singer Kelsie Kimberlin Is On The Frontlines With Her New Song, “What We Had”

Kelsie Kimberlin, Creating Her Own Story

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Kelsie Kimberlin Smashing Her Past With A Baseball Bat

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Kelsie Kimberlin Appearing Dreamy

Kelsie Kimberlin’s “What We Had” Is The Bold Statement Of Personal Empowerment We All Need In These Trying Times

My new song, “What We Had” is about standing up for what one believes in, just as my courageous Ukraine stands up. ”

— Kelsie Kimberlin

WASHINGTON , DC, UNITED STATES, May 4, 2022 / — The grounded and insightful perspective of artist Kelsie Kimberlin’s evocative songwriting always creates brilliant contrast to the atmosphere and aura of her naturally dreamy sound. On her latest single/video for “What We Had,” she’s written a remarkably empowering tale that serves as a bold reminder to one and all that YOU deserve to be happy, to be loved, and to experience the joys of life in every way YOU can.

“What We Had” is about the understanding of self-worth, and the recognition that nothing should ever hold YOU back when it comes to relationships of any kind. It’s about not ever selling yourself short. It’s about knowing that YOU are stronger than you think and built to survive through any emotional turmoil. It’s about being willing to walk away when it’s most important. It’s about believing that YOU are special. It’s about knowing that when life tries to break us into pieces, that’s the exact moment it makes us even stronger. “What We Had” is about never giving up on better days ahead and pursuing them at full force.

No matter what any relationship may revolve around or entails, toxicity threatens our vast potential and attempts to drain the energy of our spirit. “What We Had” is the anthem listeners around the world will reach for when they truly need to remember that walking away is never a sign of weakness – it’s a sign of maturity, strength, and understanding of what’s truly important in this world we share. It’s about the courage required to recognize what it takes to live your dreams out loud and turn them into your reality.

As a Ukrainian-American and proud supporter of Ukraine and its incredible people, Kelsie has never shied away from her platform as an artist with the opportunity to make public statements heard around the world criticizing the cruel actions of Russia and its oppressive regime. In the stunning video supporting her new single “What We Had,” she’s painted her fingernails both yellow and blue – a visual sign of her empathy and genuine support for ending the war and restoring Ukraine back to its former glory – to end its toxic relationship with Russia. A powerful example of the multi-faceted way Kelsie writes her songs to include depth and dimension that transcends mere Pop and catchy hooks into substantial material with true meaning – “What We Had” is a sincere highlight of how the fearlessness of the Ukrainian people has inspired the conviction in her craft.

Available on every major music platform internationally online in May 2022 – join Kelsie Kimberlin as she continues to advocate on behalf of the Ukrainian people, working with truly tireless determination to connect the hearts and minds of everyone around the world with her brand-new single/video for “What We Had,” as she leaves the past behind in her rearview, and surges straight into the future of her career.

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