APUJAN Presented SS22 Collection “IN THE MAZE OF NOISES” for London Fashion Week – 2021

APUJAN Presented SS22 Collection “IN THE MAZE OF NOISES” for London Fashion Week – 2021

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In keeping with the accelerated digitalization of this pandemic era, the APUJAN Spring/Summer 2022 collection was presented at London Fashion Week in the digital form, with the theme In the Maze of Noises showcased with the British Fashion Council on Friday, 17th September at 1pm (UK Time).

Produced in the hometown of the brand, the Spring-Summer 2022 digital show was directed by the acclaimed film director Hsiao Ya-chuan, and the special performance of the well-known Asia actresses LIN YU HSI (Allison Lin), CHIEN TING JUI (Dewi Chien), and the most well-known chess player in Taiwan, Joanne Missingham.

Every season, APUJAN launches a reference book list as a mood board: this year the SS22 collection pays homage to sci-fi fictions and dreams, a blend of fantasy and real life, as per the novels of The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, or as per the parable about time described in MOMO by Michael Ende and in The Fall of the House of Usher, a supernatural horror story by Edgar Allan Poe.

Apu Jan reinterpreted the codes of a modern fairy tale and created though the collection a storytelling about APUJANs fantasy imaginary: another story about the vagueness and vividness of dreams, about community information and the overhead world.

The collection includes 33 unique sets which present unique distinctive details: knitted bags which remind of dinosaurs tails, embroideries made with floral art and book pages, hats adorned by knitted lions, 3D printed sci-fi glasses, meteors and dinosaurs bones transformed in hair accessories.

APUJAN continues the footwear collaboration with Adidas and the cooperation with XPure presenting new masks and goggles with different fabric styles.

APUJAN continues working with his original, and exclusively developed fabrics, including digital embroidery, semi-translucent jacquard fabric, jersey knitted jacquard and digital print, in combination with fantasy-style accessories made from 3-D printing, floral art design, and precious metals.