Harris & Associates, Esteemed Investment Advisor Company, Examines How Continuity Risk May Sink an Owner’s Business

Once a business has met the two most important goals of sufficient revenue and efficient operations, it is time to ensure continued growth and increased profit.”

— Harris & Associates CEO, David Harris

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Harris & Associates, a Registered Investment Advisor, warns small businesses they face huge continuity risks coming out of the pandemic.

2021 may have seen many disruptions in employee retention and operations disasters, but the result is many business owners have learned; that it is not only natural disasters that may put them out of business. The great resignation alone has proven that more needs to be done to retain key employees and provide for stable operations.

Why do business owners neglect business continuity planning? Simply because their first concern is revenue! Without sufficient income, the business will fail anyway. Next is operations. The business must be able to provide value and do so efficiently if it is to grow and survive. And of course, getting those two challenges done right takes most business owners’ full bandwidth.

So, shoring up the business operations with risk mitigation naturally takes a back seat. While most business owners do buy fire insurance and carry liability coverage, they generally don’t think about the intangible risks involved with their key employees, essential operations, and even their own ability to manage the business.

Moreover, when you step back, the whole purpose of running a business is to generate income, accumulate wealth, and generate resources for the business owner, employees, and their families. Continuity planning not only mitigates risk, but it may also go a long way toward meeting the primary goal of wealth generation.

So, Harris & Associates CEO David Harris says, “Business owners have to step back from the urgent and address the important task of Continuity Planning. Once a business has met the two most important goals of sufficient revenue and efficient operations, it is time to ensure continued growth and increased profit.” Sadly, just when many businesses begin to flourish, some random loss of a key person, death of a partner, or an owner’s disability may destroy the bright future many stakeholders were counting on for their future life goals.

See how one might secure a business’ future with simple low-cost business continuity plans. Make business profit count by contacting a Wealth Advisor.

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