Day: March 7, 2022


Social-Work is a New York-based clothing brand, designed with hybridity in the creation of unisex clothing, drawing from both vintage and contemporary styles. Designer Helen Zhang takes inspiration from her artist friends living room and the result is a Social-Work Fall/Winter 2022 collection created during emotional and challenging times, yet reflective, forward-looking and essentially timeless.Credits: Victoria Bruno Studios
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ZHUO is a New York Fashion brand for sustainable clothing and fashion accessories. It works/collaborates with people who come from different industries. The name ZHUO is a Chinese character with multiple layered meanings: polish, refine and think. The name signifies the opposite of fast fashion.-As the founder of ZHUO, sustainable design is something I will always pursue. I think sustainable fashion is more than just addressing fashion textiles or products. Its about every step involved in the entire industrial chain It has so many problems and needs more action.” - ZHUOLIN LIU, fonder + designer of ZHUO - When did…
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Faith Connexion – Fall-Winter 2022 – Paris Fashion Week

Faith Connexion continues to reinterpret its guiding principles with every new season, finding renewal through its roots.Fall-Winter 2022 introduces the Maison's original logotype: half Gothic, half bling, an expression of a too much is never enough attitude straight out of the 2000s, the era that gave birth to the brand. An artist who has collaborated with 8 for years was given carte blanche in its reincarnation. His brand new logo form as well as updated logotypes are omnipresent in a variety of formats and volumes this season. These embroideries adorn a reimagined 50s style women's tweed suit, silkscreened on the…
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