Day: February 3, 2022

LUMIERE RUNWAY Fashion Show in Moroccan Royal Palace on February 12, 2022

The event theme is Celebrating New York Fashion Week in the amazing Moroccan Royal Palace in West Hollywood.Discover the beautiful designs and exquisite unique collection of our fashion Designers.These stylish top fashion designers, combine with this beautiful Middle Eastern venue to create a timeless elegance.The singer Shannon K joined our Management Team as Lumiere Runway Creative Director.1510 N Stanley Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046Lumiere Runway is an eagerly awaited event that will present the latest collections of various established designers:- High Status- Alien Earth Designs- Smock Me- Verita Couture- Jonathan Marc SteinThe Red Carpet starts at 3pm and the show…
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Jennifer Lopez coming CLOSER with Jennifer Garner amidst Rumors of her Marriage with Ben Affleck – Dominique Clare

The friendship between Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez is deepening. Lopez is currently dating Jennifer Garner’s ex-husband, Ben Affleck. Despite their internal differences, the two are getting along really well. They have reached an understanding level. They don’t want their kids to suffer from their differences. Looks like Garner, Lopez, and Ben Affleck will become […]
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