Day: November 4, 2021

Eni Buiron FEMME at LAFW 2021

Original Article24Fashion TV Exclusive: Eni Buiron FEMME brought a dramatic collection of striking silhouettes and powerful designs. Black pieces came alive with gold accents creating a regal aesthetic. Designer debuted EVOLUTION collection that represented strength, power, subtlety and femininity. Some of the designs included jackets that can double as a dress for the daring, elegant dresses, eccentric jackets matched with gold pants, extravagant long see-through gold & black dresses, flashy knee-hight boots and extravagant attention-grabbing pure gold dresses. About: Eni Buiron is an accomplished and well-known couturier in the children's fashion world, with her brand Lulu et Gigi Couture, reaching acclaim on a global scale. A Vogue Recommended brand, most inspirational woman of the year (France), as well as being named one of the…
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The Pansy Craze

Before and during World War I, there was a great deal of ferment with immigrants peppering these shores; women asserting their rights, for the vote and for control of their own bodies and reproductive destinies; Black people leaving the South for opportunities and to avoid the horrors of Jim Crow and lynching; fundamentalist religious revivals exciting people to assert political dominance; large same-sex groupings in the military where queers found that in fact, they were not the only one; war […]
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