Climbing Plants That Are Perfect for Pergolas, According to Experts

Climbing Plants That Are Perfect for Pergolas, According to Experts
From evergreens to beautiful flowering varieties, creating an oasis with lush climbing plants will take an outdoor area to the next level.

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Creating welcome shade in the hotter months as well as providing privacy from neighbours, climbing plants can transform a pergola. As the leading provider of DIY pergolas, decking and more, Softwoods suggests the best climbing plant options for creating a backyard oasis.

Featuring dense foliage that is ideal for creating shade as well as eye-catching purple blooms that flourish in early spring, wisteria is an elegant option that emits a heavenly fragrance. Softwoods says this variety grows well in temperate climates and prefers to be positioned with some shelter from full sunlight. As this plant is deciduous, it should be lightly pruned in winter. It may take a few years for a newly established wisteria to flower, but the vine can grow three metres or more in a year, making it an excellent choice for growing over a pergola.

Suitable for all parts of Australia except the tropical north, Softwoods says the ornamental grape plant is similar in appearance to the wine-growing variety, minus the fruit. In summer, it has wide green leaves which then turn to orange and red in autumn before dropping in winter to allow the sun through. Softwoods warns this plant grows rapidly so needs to be kept under control with pruning during winter. It will also need to be trained to climb during the growing season for the best results. 

Easy to maintain and growing moderately fast, the star jasmine has glossy dark green leaves which can easily be kept under control with regular trimming. The small white flowers bloom from spring through summer and feature a beautiful fragrance. Enjoying lots of sun, the jasmine can tolerate semi-shade and grows well in all but the coldest zones of Australia, explains Softwoods.

Bougainvillea's come in pinks, oranges, reds, creams and purples and are a fast-growing vine prized for their striking appearance. A particularly popular choice, this plant requires very little care or cultivation. Growing well in tropical and temperate climates, Softwoods says it should be planted in a sunny, well-drained spot. 

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